New Jersey Busts 72 Year Old Man for Transporting a Flintlock

You know the anti-gun retort that if you love the Second Amendment so much, then fine, but it should only apply to flintlocks and muskets? Have you ever wondered if they really mean that? Trust me, they don’t. Case in point:

You’d think at some points, the courts would fix this. But currently, in the 3rd Circuit Court, there is no right to have a firearm outside the home per the decision in Drake v. Filko. Until such time as the Supreme Court corrects this egregious ruling, having a firearm outside of the home is a privilege in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, as far as the federal government is concerned.

25 thoughts on “New Jersey Busts 72 Year Old Man for Transporting a Flintlock”

  1. If the police in New Jersey have time to waste doing this kind of stupid thing the federal government should literally cut off part of the money it sends to them for “homeland security”.

    1. Does anyone know the exact charge he is being charged with? While first finding it very difficult to even look up the NJ laws, the website they use is NOT user friendly at all. Chapter 39, has at least Two (2) definitions of Antique Handgun. Which is odd in itself, as antique handguns are not firearms under Federal law, and can be legally possessed by Felons.

      1. There is no exemption for antique firearms under Jersey law. A handgun is a handgun.

  2. Sarcasm will not move a NJ prosecutor, ridicule will not move a NJ prosecutor, facts will not move a NJ prosecutor when it comes to firearms cases. Publicity and a sympathetic defendant might.

    Evan Nappan told me a long time ago,

    Keep Silent
    Never consent to a search
    Ask for your attorney

    If you do those three things he would have a fighting chance of getting you off. Our retired teacher failed to do any of them.

  3. I don’t understand how none of the recent Supreme Court decisions apply to NJ. I hope they come done on these assholes like a ton of bricks.

    1. Because the lower courts are engaging in massive resistance to Heller and McDonald. I think one reason Scalia might not be taking more cases is because he knows he needs a very strong opinion to essentially put the lower courts in their place, and he can’t get that from the Court as it is currently constituted.

  4. Biggest mistake……gosh officer friendly, no need to get the dog, you can search……what an idiot…..

    He shoulda said, screw you officer friendly, get the damn dog, cause I don’t consent, and you best tell me what you’re searching for.

  5. One of the biggest reasons I moved out of NJ in 1990, it was bad then, and it just keeps getting worse.
    Garden State? No, it’s the Gestapo State. Has been for a long time.

  6. New Jersey is the epitome of sheer evil. It’s not even a real part of America any more as far as I am concerned. It’s more like a wannabe version of America to me instead now, or some type of “quasi Europe” to me at least, I would say.

    No, I am not trying to even joke around here. I happen to live far too close for my own comfort to this absolutely terrible state. I could not even easily avoid travelling through New Jersey if I merely wanted to drive to a southern state, such as North Carolina, because of the geography of this region within the Northeast where I reside presently. (Northeast Pennsylvania is what I mean.)

    Pennsylvania is heading down this same hellacious path that New Jersey went down many years ago, now that Tom Wolf is our governor, by the way. It’s probably time for me to get myself moved down to a state such as North Carolina, that is, if I am ever going to be honest with myself here. (Which I will need more time to drive to, because I will completely abstain from taking I-95 South there, since that would require me to drive on the NJ Turnpike for about 70 to miles of the trip.)

    1. I fell back once, I plan on staying and fighting in Pennsylvania, it can still be saved, NJ is a lost cause as is NYC, the corruption is too deeply entrenched for way too long. Philly is going the way of the above, and Pittsburg is close behind.

  7. Its about time gunowners stop spending discretionary money in states that treat gunowners like a different version of the Taliban.

    I havn’t spent a cent at the Jersey Shore in 20 years. Why should I spend money in s state that won’t respect my right to survival? Ef’ em. And my sister has a house down there.

    Same with New York or California. I can’t imagine why any gun owner would vacation there or go to a Broadway play Screw em. Their own people, usually middle class hard working gun owners, are running from the place because of their anti gun ways. Don’t spend in anti-land!!!

    1. And my sister has a house down there.

      I am also related to somebody who has a Jersey Shore home, which I am always welcome to the use thereof whenever I feel like it, but just like you said – eff ’em. Not worth going over to New Jersey if I have to comb through my truck first each and every time for all of my “contraband” items – like a few loose hollow-point .38 Special or .22LR rounds that fell out of my range bag and went down between the seats, for example.

      My last beach excursion was down in Ocean City, Maryland.

      Even though Maryland is still not the best type of state when it comes to the gun laws there, it’s still far better than New Jersey, where people can actually be arrested just for having a pocketknife on their keychain when they get pulled over, and then they find out that they do not actually have a “good” reason for possessing said pocketknife. (“I just carry this pocketknife with me on road trips just in case I might need it,” is not a “good” enough reason in New Jersey.)

  8. Yep, some States are a lost cause and the only practical option left is voting with your feet. The current process of sifting into hard blue and hard red States, reminds me of the national division prior to the U.S. Civil War.

    I wonder if any reporter has ever tried to confront a gun-control group or spokesmen with some of these horrible gun-control cases? Eh, why do I kid myself. I know reporters are on the anti-gun side. Heck reporters in general ARE the anti-gun side!

  9. “Officer Friendly, if you have probable cause or any other authority to search you do not need to ask. Are you going to assert your authority or am I free to go?”

    Virtually every day I am on a military installation where signs indicate you are ‘subject to search’ yet they ask for consent… and about once a year I get the ‘safety check’ and they demand ‘consent, yes or no?’

  10. I hate to say it but this man sounds like the perfect example of a 1.0 type. He thinks that because he has a flintlock the government isn’t going to care because they are too busy going after those darn whippersnappers and their high-capacity handguns.

    This right here should wake up a lot of our fellow gun owners who mistakenly believe that there’s no way they could be targeted over an antique or hunting gun.

  11. I don’t feel too bad for a guy who taught for 30 or 35 years, paying union dues to a political group that has always supported passing these ridiculous laws. Did he ever stop to think 30 years ago, as he wrote out a check for $500 or $600 dollars, where that money was going? How it may affect his children and neighbors? My father did; that’s why he quit teaching in NJ in the late 60’s, after receiving teacher of the year twice. The union had asked him to tone it down because he was making other teachers look bad.

    As an aside, I hope the DA is the one who pulls the trigger for the ballistics analysis on the gun, after loading it with smokeless powder! Karma’s a bitch…

  12. Is anyone else just weirded out by how much this guy looks like Anthony Hopkins?

  13. Don’t spend a dime in that state and let their rhino gov know it. They have lost any trace of common sense and decency.

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