Suing Because – GUNS!

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So a California gun dealer is being sued for being in business. Not for supposedly doing anything wrong or making a sketchy sale, but for existing in the first place.

In December, a shoemaker who had a business next to a firearms retailer, was bringing coffee over to his business neighbor. Unfortunately, robbers were running out the store at the time and knocked him down on the sidewalk outside of the business. When he fell, his head hit on the sidewalk and he died days later.

The family is suing claiming that the gun store is negligent for not being robbery-proof. Their argument is that because the store was robbed before, the owners didn’t take any effort to secure it in a way that their husband/father would not have died.

The first link has security footage that shows the shoemaker was knocked down outside the premises, so that means the only security measure that the store owner could have taken to ensure this action could not happen would be to wall off all entrances and exits so that no one could possibly access the sidewalk from inside the shop.

So, really, the gun shop is being sued because they exist at all, not over security concerns that would have had any substantial impact on the situation. In fact, the lawyers actually told the press that they reason they consider the owner negligent was because she allowed customers to enter the building freely during business hours.

It’s just sad because it sounds like the shoemaker and the gun shop owner were friends since he brought her coffee every day. If it was really as unsafe as the shoemaker’s wife and children claim it was, then why did her husband and their father choose to enter the supposedly “dangerous” premises every day?

10 thoughts on “Suing Because – GUNS!”

  1. Ladies and gentleman the store fronts in CA will now be outfitted with….GYM-MATS. Now the special snowflakes of CA can sleep soundly knowing full well that tragedies like this will no longer occur.

    Liberalism has got to be a mental illness and common sense is the cure all we have to do is teach it.

  2. This is the epitome of a frivolous lawsuit.

    On what planet where you have just endured a criminal robbery are you culpable for the behavior of the fleeing criminals?

    The only persons at fault here are the robbers.

    Grieving people can do stupid things and their angst is rarely a good prescription for restrictive legislation or litigation. The exception here are persons like Susanna Hoffs who got the ridiculous Texas restaurant gun free law removed later.

  3. With apologies for bing O/T, the ObamaNazi assholes at ATF want to make illegal by regulation, the M855m SS109 variety of 5.56.

    Link [-edited by Bitter for the pasting of a link to throw the formatting of the page off; Please use HTML next time.]

    Act accordingly.

  4. Why isn’t the owner armed? I’m thinking that should be a requirement of employees of a gun store. If you’re not legal or competent to use a gun, you shouldn’t be working there. I wouldn’t work in a gun store if I wasn’t allowed to pack, which is one of the reasons I never even considered the local store, besides the owner being an idiot.

    1. It’s Cali – he might not have been able to get a permit.

      In NJ, anyway, the store owner (and authorized employees I think) can carry at a “fixed place of business” under the same set of exemptions that allow possession in a home (and all the ones I’ve been to the employees tend to), but the exemption ends at the front door.

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