Like Suing Boeing for 9/11

There must have been an ambulance chaser that latched real strong onto the grieving families of the Sandy Hook massacre, and one that’s never heard of the PLCAA. I would expect this lawsuit to be quickly dismissed, but you can never really be too sure with judges, who often enjoy making up their own law.

3 thoughts on “Like Suing Boeing for 9/11”

  1. Best headline ever. Didn’t even need an article behind it; we knew immediately what it was about and how absurd the suit is.

    Seriously, if the case isn’t thrown out on it’s face, this would be my opening, closing and only statement during trial and I would assume that I would win.

  2. Apparently there is a clause in PLCAA that would allow them to be held liable for “negligently selling” to Lanza’s mother based on the fact that he lived at the same address or some such rot. I suspect that will at least get it into court.

  3. The problem is that people WERE going to sue the airlines for 9/11, that’s why the government paid them off to the tune of $2 million and STILL people wanted to sue.

    The government stepped in so the airlines wouldn’t be bankrupted.

    I doubt they will do the same for firearms. People are just lawsuit happy and there will always be a scum sucking lawyer to try and profit from it.

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