NSSF Response to Mexican Lawsuits

Seen here. They are quite correct that PLCAA should put the brakes on any potential lawsuit. I don’t think Calderon, in this case, is any different than any of our big city mayors. He knows well this lawsuit is pointless, but it’ll allow him to keep pointing the finger north when his own people demand the failures of his government in the war with the cartels be explained.

3 thoughts on “NSSF Response to Mexican Lawsuits”

  1. Calderon is using the “US guns” meme as Obama uses Bush. And I suspect Obama appreciates the favor, using Calderon as a stalking horse for his own gun control agenda.

    Too bad, so sad, Gunrunner is working out the way it is. A plan too clever by half.

  2. Is Flippie Calderon really going to ignore the beheadings and mass graves in his own country while he wastes his country’s very limited resources in a bluff against US gun makers?
    How much are the cartels paying this dog to lay off of them, and bark up the wrong tree elsewhere?

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