Brady Loses in Court

Apparently they missed the filing deadline in one of the cases they were fighting, causing it to be dismissed.

After the Superior Court granted the motion to dismiss, the plaintiffs continued their attack against the PLCAA by renewing their motion to file a third amended complaint and separate motion to reargue the order dismissing their case. Unfortunately for the Brady Campaign, their attorneys filed their paperwork four minutes after the filing deadline. The Superior Court subsequently denied the motion to reargue as untimely and denied their motion to amend — in part because the plaintiffs had already been granted several opportunities to establish that their claims were not barred by the PLCAA and failed to do so each time.

Hat tip to Dave Hardy, who notes a few more things that made it a pretty good day. Of course, losing on the multiple rifle reporting requirement tempers that a bit, I think. However, I’ll take this victory. It’s almost like they aren’t even trying anymore.

4 thoughts on “Brady Loses in Court”

  1. So we had a litigative loss based on a court ruling that can be appealed. They had a litigative loss based on blatant incompetence.

    That’s promising.

  2. I like this guy’s comment to the source article:

    Actually, according to THEIR logic,….that might make sense. If a citizen is injured because he was unable to properly defend themselves due to a law that the Brady’s supported, they are the cause.”

    Give them a dose of their own medicine!

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