Moms Demand (Topless) Action?

Go forth and be horrified (NSFA – Not Safe for Anywhere). Yes, Moms Demand members went to protest the long-gun OCing fools in Texas by being even bigger fools. I have to hand it to John Richardson, who I just noticed wins the Internets for selecting a much much better headline than I did for this story.

Now, I’m pretty sure that this was not an officially sanctioned MDA/Everytown event. The article notes that the topless protesters only mentioned MDA. But it shows the problem the gun control movement is going to run into in trying to build a grassroots movement: most of us are involved in this because we have our rights and/or a hobby to protect. That means there are people involved who aren’t lunatics. There are people that certainly fit that bill on our side, but this movement succeeds because it’s made up of many more people who aren’t. Gun control groups have always had difficulty building the same kind of enthusiastic grassroots, and what grassroots they did have tended to be enthusiastic whack jobs. I’m seeing evidence that’s the case for MDA too, and that’s a good sign.

9 thoughts on “Moms Demand (Topless) Action?”

  1. Why is that the people who need to have the most clothes on, nearly always have the least on…

    1. I don’t think anyone “needs” to have clothes on, even if the people who make nudie magazines would probably refuse to feature them. People’s bodies exist to serve their owners, not to please onlookers. It’s sexist that people often try to police women’s bodies and call them unacceptable for public display, but virtually never do the same thing to men.

      I support legal open carry of both pistols and breasts by both men and women, young and old.

      1. I’ve seen men go topless, and have seen pictures of men going nude, who are in just as much in need of having lots of clothes, as any woman.

        The problem is that most of us are probably horrendous to look at without our clothes, by simple virtue that most of us aren’t super-models.

        And while I support open carry, and am even a little bit of a nudist at heart, I personally would probably be Exhibit A on why breasts of both men and women (certainly older, but probably even younger, to some degree) should be covered…

        (I understand this about my own body, to the extent that I’ll sometimes wear a T-shirt when swimming…)

        All this isn’t even addressing the issue of whether or not this is the best way to advance your cause! (I suspect it isn’t, which is why I’m glad Moms Demand Action is doing it…)

      2. It’s amazing how me saying “people” gets translated into “women” in your mind. People means everyone that isn’t all that pleasing to the eye, whether that’s “tennis ball in a tube sock” boobs or wrinkled ballsack.

        So yeah, some people NEED to have as much clothing on as possible.

        And for the record, I’m one of those that NEED clothes. Nobody wants to see my moobs or wrinkled ballsack…

  2. Honestly, it is a sad day when you can be a criminal for having a shirt off, or having a person see your legally owned firearm.

    Goes for men and women.

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