Everytown Guide to Ruining Your Holidays

I’m really quite stunned at how Bloomberg’s money can buy at least some traction in elections when his groups encourage people to engage in behavior that makes them the family member whose invitation you hope gets lost in the mail.

Bloomberg and the moms are once again asking people to bring their Thanksgiving meal to a grinding halt by starting up a fight gun control and politics.

I’m almost afraid to give them any ideas, but I’m pretty sure their Christmas promotion will be instructions on how to tell your gun owning family members that Jesus hates them and Santa will burn all of their children’s toys. For the wedding season next year, they are probably working hard on a guide on how to insert politics into the bridal party toasts. Think your family reunion events are safe and limited to debates on how close that horseshoe really landed? Think again. Look for the Everytown Guide to Using Family History Stories to Lecture Current Descendants on Contentious Topics coming out this spring.

Even though we’re labeled the gun nuts, our holidays are filled with conversations about family, friends, and maybe that really good baked cranberry recipe I got from Michael Bane years ago (that my mom still makes every holiday).

6 thoughts on “Everytown Guide to Ruining Your Holidays”

    1. I’d be happy to share. You can find it here, but we have since modified it to use rye instead of bourbon. Rye brings better flavor, and you end up with the rest of the bottle to drink. :)

  1. Gee, for some reason they have comments disabled on their site. It’s almost like they don’t want anyone contradicting their ‘facts’.

  2. As for me and my family, we will be eating our Thanksgiving dinner armed.

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