Guide to the Gun Nut Vacation

I was pleasantly surprised to catch a link on Instagram from Colonial Williamsburg advertising “A CW Guide for Gun Enthusiasts.”

What? A general family vacation spot specifically advertising they would be happy to host people who enjoy the shooting sports? Love it.

If you’re looking for a family vacation spot this year, then maybe check out their entire daily itinerary geared just for gun nuts. It sounds like an enjoyable day. (I’ve never been, so I can’t vouch for it.)

One thought on “Guide to the Gun Nut Vacation”

  1. They probably won’t let you bring your own flintlock rifle, though. More’s the pity. When I take my flintlocks to the range, they always attract attention, and if I have some powder and ball left I often ask anyone there if they’ve shot one before, and if they haven’t, I’ll let them shoot mine. I think it’s something every gun enthusiast should experience at least once.

    .54 caliber transitional long rifle (ca early 1770s)
    .62 British Baker Rifle (ca early 1800s)

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