Fastest Zero to Capitulation Yet

Jesus Wept

No sooner do I see an article that Shannon Watts is attacking Jay Leno for speaking at SHOT, than Leno cancels the talk and starts his apology campaign. Like I’ve said before, Watts may be a radical. She may be the spiritual descendent of Carrie Nation, but she’s not a joke. In any political issue, money talks, and Watts has Bloomberg’s money behind her. Her grassroots network may be small, but she’s got Bloomberg’s cash to build it, and she’s finding battles where she can show people gun control can win.

A few years ago, the enemy was demoralized. Seriously demoralized. That’s important to win any struggle, whether political, or political by other means. My fear is gun owners these days seems pretty complacent. They seem to think that because we beat everything at the federal level back after Sandy Hook that means it’s all over. It’s not. It was just beginning.

13 thoughts on “Fastest Zero to Capitulation Yet”

  1. Leno should have told her to suck his dick. I’m so tired of all these apologies every time some SJW bully gets offended. It’s like negotiating with terrorists – it only encourages more terrorism. These shrieking imbeciles could be disarmed all at once if only 10% of the people they attack would just stand strong and refuse to apologize.

  2. My meager opinion of Jay Leno just tanked. What a wimp. He must have tons of money and popularity, so Shannon Watts should have had no influence on him. He lacks character and she is an evil character.

  3. Sure she’s claiming that a grocery store changing corporate policy (and not even putting up a little no-guns sign) will keep masked bank robbers and political assasins at bay… but she’s able to say this insanity while also being considered a serious and influential advocate.

    Which is why Bloomberg hired her.

    She also doesn’t feel the need to go for something less nutty. Then again, she’s been getting results with the playbook she has so….

    And I think the demoralized aspect is key. A lot of what MDA is doing is concentrating on that morale aspect. They’re not begging their members for donations because they need the money. They’re doing it to see who can be recruited to try to build grassroots.

    Yeah, they’re also trying to move the overton window by getting stores to ban carry bit by bit (taking a page from the anti-smoking groups), but they’re also doing that to build up a list of victories to rally people behind them.

  4. Leno is overall a class act. He’s done his fair share of USO tours, helped out our wounded warriors, and when it came to ribbing on our elected leaders I feel like he was the only late-night host that exhibited anything resembling fairness.

    With that said I’m pretty disappointed to see him capitulate to Watts. If anyone needed to see proof that these nutjobs’ primary goal is to shame gun ownership, this is it right here.

    The problem is her playbook actually works, because most celebrities and businesses just don’t want to be bothered with the controversy, and nothing gets the media’s attention more than a handful of foaming-mouth soccermoms picketing outside your house or place of business.

  5. If only there were someone out there who was a) not ashamed of owning guns b) was a popular media figure c) had an entertaining stage show of his own and d) was available in January.

    Alton Brown, your table is waiting for you at SHOT Show 2015.

  6. Um, Sebastian, we did not “beat everything back” after Sandy Hook in CT, nor did gun owners in NY.

  7. Using “grassroots network” and “Bloomberg’s cash” in the same sentence is rather oxymoronic isn’t it?

  8. When progressives eventually turn their eyes toward regulating cars and it bites into his massive car collection we should remember to return the favor.

    1. They’re already doing that.

      And let’s not turn all Progressive ourselves with intersectionalism, demanding everyone support what we want all the time or they can go to hell, eh?

      How about everyone support whatever they give a damn about, and accept that other people don’t have to be as gung-ho as they are on every topic?

      It’s a lot better at building support and alliances than “you’re with us 100% or against us 100%”.

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