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Nothing beats starting out the week with a scaling and root planing at the Dentist. I’ll be happy when my gums no longer feel like someone cleaned them with a wire brush. But I will say, the bill hurt more than the procedure. But there is gun news to be had:

A handy flow chart on how to follow the new law in Washington State. Surely no innocent person could ever end up trapped in such a simple system! In other Washington State news, it looks like they are going to be in for a mass protest with civil disobedience. A grand idea.

Miguel takes a look on the stats on household gun ownership. Those are done by polling, and so probably more accurately reflect the percentage of households willing to tell a pollster they own guns, rather than actual percentages which are likely higher.

The narrative in the media seems to be that gun control actually won the midterms. I am disappointed in the midterms, not because we lost, but because I wanted to deal a blow to Bloomberg so hard he’d wonder why he was flushing his millions down the toilet. We didn’t get that. Close, but no cigar.

With that in mind, they are falling in love with the ballot. Gun owners in any state with ballot measures have to be concerned. The narrative is that gun control is on the move and popular among voters.

The voters in Philadelphia would elect Hitler if he ran as a Democrat.

This is an interesting idea in regards to 3D printed guns. Usually a firearm without a rifled barrel is an AOW, and I’ve been wondering if people realize these are potential NFA violation. Here’s the thing, the NFA says the barrel has to be rifled. But it doesn’t say the rifling has to work, does it?

The wages of Obamaism: A sea of red.

Apparently there is precedent to block Supreme Court nominees until the next President. The Republicans absolutely need to do this if there’s a vacancy.

You don’t see this kind of concern in the media and elite about the same types of barriers interfering with the rights of minorities to exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. (h/t SayUncle)

Reason’s Brian Doherty takes a look at Bloomberg’s new strategy. Outspend gun rights proponents 10:1 on ballot measures using rich billionaire friends. Remember, they aren’t against money in politics. They are against your money in politics.

Neither of the two Colorado Recall candidates managed to hold their seats. The antis are trying to spin this as a win, but that is nonsense. We punished the guilty. I doubt you’ll see those replacements touching the gun issue, and if they do, we’ll recall them too.

A First Amendment challenge to a law in California that prohibits advertising of handguns. Dave Hardy also notes that oral arguments for the SAFE Act challenge are scheduled for December 8.

I didn’t think it was possible for a state GOP organization to be worse than Pennsylvania’s, but it is definitely possible.

I’d argue Minnesota stayed blue because they were largely settled by Scandinavian immigrants who have socialism in their blood.

Mit Pulver und Blei, die Gedanken sind frei!

Real progress in the culture wars.

6 thoughts on “Monday News 11-10-2014”

  1. For that 3D-printed gun and cartridge, perhaps the 7.62 Nagant round will find a new lease on life because of 3D printing. The 7.62 Nagant silent cartridge is already low-powered enough for 3D guns.

    1. I was thinking that too. But I’m not sure it’s got quite enough on there, and it’s a brass cartridge, so it doesn’t really offer much rigidity. More than plastic, for sure, but it’s not steel.

  2. Ballot initiatives work both ways. Bloomberg and his club may have surprised everyone with this sneak attack, but gunnies are far more passionate than billionaires, and I expect gun rights wins which will surprise the billionaires.

  3. my grandfather (a native Minnesotan of Scandinavian descent) would absolutely agree with your analysis; it is the first thing he says when he’s fuming about the latest political development from home.

    of course, he moved to and settled down in MD, so maybe HE has it in his blood as well.

  4. So, if I understood that New York Times article about the Texas Concealed Carry Permit issue, it should follow that they would be in favor of Constitutional Carry, right?

    Either that, or I have this impression that they are setting things up to say that since Blacks can’t get one form of ID, that they obviously are going to have problems getting other forms of ID, so we’d be better off just getting rid of the voter ID requirement altogether…which, if they go that route, I would have to say we should get to Constitutional Carry too.

  5. The guy who beat out the Republican in Colorado for John Morse’s old seat is Michael Merrifield.

    Among other things, he was at one time associated with Bloomberg’s MAIG group.

    He’s a hardcore lefty, so I would expect to see him try to put some hate on gun owners during his term.

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