The Latest on Smart Guns

This should be enough to convince anyone that gun control people are technocratic central planners who are more than just a little uncomfortable with the idea of anyone exercising individual control over their own lives and destinies:

In other words, instead of enforcing “safe environment” rules by way of checkpoints where guns are not permitted (on airplanes, in consulates and embassies and so on), “we propose to address these safety areas within the firearm itself”. The gun would negotiate its operations by communicating with the safety area transmitter.

So they get to decide on a central basis when you can and can’t defend yourself? Hell no. This is an answer to a question that nobody asked, except for those types that spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to run everybody else’s lives.

It’s good to see inside their minds.

5 Responses to “The Latest on Smart Guns”

  1. Braden Lynch says:

    The Nazis and Communists would have had a great time with this feature. Disarm Jews – press 1, disarm dissidents – press 2 and so on. Hell, it could even send out a signal to help locate you for your train ride to a FEMA camp.

    I will not tolerate electronic features that might impact the operation of my firearm (except for user add-ons like red dot sights and lights).

    Just look how they want to pass laws to disarm citizens within a certain distance of a politician. The abuses will engulf us.

  2. GS says:

    It doesn’t even make sense, if you could disable criminal’s guns ALL THE TIME, why wouldn’t you do it?
    So since you can’t disable criminals guns, the solution is to disable the law abiding’s guns in selected locations? double down on gun free zones?
    What problem does this solve exactly?

  3. Alpheus says:

    I think this is a great idea! Just think about how safe such a device will make us! This idea just doesn’t go far enough: in addition to guns, we also need to be able to remotely disable knives, bats, rocks, glass bottles, gasoline, propane, canes, umbrellas, feet, hands, luggage, and pressure cookers. Once we figure that out, everyone would be safe!

    After all, this technology automatically applies to all guns, right, once it’s developed? I’m sure we could send a signal to automatically update every single gun via WiFi, like the patch systems used to update apps on our phones and tablets. Because if criminals and/or peaceable citizens can get ahold of an old fashioned “stupid” gun, they’d be able to defy the switch-off mechanism, and it wouldn’t make sense to propose such a system if this is the case.

    Not only that, but I’ve tinkered with both machining and with electronics; heck, I’ve been known to make a living writing programs for electronics devices…and I couldn’t *possibly* imagine myself getting out my USB cable and “rooting” my gun to reprogram it, or getting out a soldering iron and replacing the circuitry with something else that won’t be able to receive radio signals (or better yet, if there’s a little LED that indicates whether or not it’s been disabled, to monitor the WiFi to see when it gets the “disable” signal, and then turn the “disabled” LED on, while leaving the gun itself enabled…), or get out a drill and a file, and simply bypass all the electronics altogether…

    No, sirree! I would never even think to do such things! };-)> And nor will any criminals, because they are all obedient little souls. It’s not as if criminals are looking to see how to murder anyone, amiright?

    • Braden Lynch says:

      Don’t forget to outlaw gravity…you missed one.

      Frankly, I’m concerned about criminals, but more concerned about governments. I can take layered measures to protect myself from criminals. I cannot do enough without some firepower if the Feds want me dead due to my religion, ethnicity/race, politics, or my economic status. Look at CT. If Malloy wants to enforce their gun bans it will only take a few determined (i.e. suicidal) patriots to put an end to the raids with all the bad publicity from killing the peasants and the dead SWAT members.

  4. Barry Cee says:

    No one asks the obvious , what happens when the killers remove that “Smart Chip” from THEIR guns????