Tomorrow is the Day

This is an unusually good piece with Wayne LaPierre. He often comes across as kind of wooden and teleprompted. But this is pretty good:

And I can’t argue with the message. This election is the first major election where we get to express our disapproval of the politicians who sided with Bloomberg and conspired to punish us for the actions of a madman in Newtown, CT. There’s a good chance we can get both Hickenlooper and Malloy tomorrow, but that isn’t going to happen unless we vote.

Candidate X or candidate Y may not be ideal, but punishment first. We’ll deal with the new boss’s issues in time.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Day”

  1. I have been watching if Foley in Connecticut will win His 3 rd party opponent just withdrew and threw his support behind Foley. I so want Malloy to lose

    Same with Hickenlooper that looks better. Punish first.
    I don’t expect Cuomo to lose but it will be tight due his idiotic SAFE Act.
    O Malley is not on the ballot but his LT Governor is and the race is tight in MD. The issue is taxes not gun bills. Hogan unless he get a GOP legislature and hat is not happening will let the gun bill stay in effect.

    If all 4 go down that is great day for gun rights

  2. Can’t deny the fact that I am a little pumped for tomorrow. I’m not the biggest fan of establishment Republicans, but like you said it’s the first major chance we have to kick some Obama-Bloomberg allies out of office along with their ridiculous lies about what the public “wants”.

    We all need to go out tomorrow and VOTE. If you live in one of these states with hotly-contested Senate elections, this is especially true. A pro-gun Senate and a House that is looking like it will be even more friendly to our 2A rights will be huge.

    Some icing on the cake would be gubernatorial victories in places like CO, CT, and MD. Let those last two states sink in for a minute. What a message that would send. Also, I-594 not passing would be a huge egg on the antis’ faces, as it clearly shows their so-called “statistics” regarding background checks are a joke.

    Unfortunately it’s not looking good for Corbett, but that’s where the state-level races come in. Make sure you vote for any pro-gun state reps or senators on your ballot and let’s relegate Wolf to the bully pulpit club.

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