2014 Guv Races and Guns


Guns are going to be a big issue in the Connecticut governor’s race. I’d like to see Malloy’s political career served up on a silver platter.  He didn’t win by a huge margin, so maybe it’s possible to knock him off. I’t we manage any of the big four: Hickenlooper, Malloy, O’Malley, or Cuomo, it’ll be a big victory. If we get two, even better. If we get three, that might be enough to re-teach Democrats “the lesson.”

If I had to pick any of the four I’d want Hickenlooper most of all, probably followed by O’Malley, then Malloy and Cuomo. Reason? We were always living on borrowed time in the other states. If we can’t hold Colorado, other states will start to fall like Dominos.

It’s looking pretty bad for Corbett in 2014, and who knows how bad that’s going to affect down ticket races. I would have thought Pennsylvania would start turning anti before Colorado. A lot of Pennsylvanians have no idea how good they have it, and how quickly that’s going to fly south if they don’t wake up.

9 thoughts on “2014 Guv Races and Guns”

  1. If the Democrat wins the Governor’s race in Pennsylvania you and all the rest of us in America might as well say goodbye to all that wealth and goodness coming from fracking.

  2. O’Malley isn’t running again. Malloy and Hickenlooper are in a weak position right now so it is possible. Cuomo is facing some sort of scandal that might wreck his hopes. All in all it could be big win for us.

  3. I never would have believed those 3 state senator recall elections in Colorado could have succeeded. So yeah, I’ve got high hopes for that weasel Hickenlooper to get crushed, despite whatever the polls might say right now.

  4. My first priority is Hickenlooper and I do think he will lose. Second ss Malloy and same reason -guns. Cuomo is going down on corruption. O Malley is not running -term limited. His next stop is President.

  5. My Pennsylvania friends always get smug when the issue of gun rights in NY State comes up. I’ve been warning them, they are next if they don’t get off their butts and fight.

  6. I think in the mid-term, PA is in a world of hurt.

    Corbett is likely to lose. The GOP majorities in the legislature are fairly slim, and I wouldn’t like to test the loyalty of the suburban Philly GOP if there’s a big push in PA.

    PA could change quite quickly. Even Kathleen Kane is showing what an impact one lower level official can have.

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