Malloy to NRA: Support Obamacare!

Governor Malloy of Connecticut is such a tool:

“There are those who will say this is not a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem, and today I want to challenge that,” he said. “If it’s a mental-health problem, NRA, why aren’t you advocating for the ACA? Why aren’t you criticizing governors who will not allow Medicaid to be delivered to their citizens, with its mental-health component? NRA, if you’re serious about making America safer, you would join Connecticut, as we have had one of the most successful rollouts of the ACA, bringing mental-health treatment to tens of thousands of people who might not otherwise have it.”

NRA’s single issue only intersects mental health when it comes to prohibition for gun ownership. There are other groups out there that advocate for mental health generally, and that is not, nor should it be the National Rifle Association. Also, and Malloy knows this, the issue is adjudication which is almost always a state, rather than a federal matter, and this problem is not really one that can be solved at the federal level.

I’d love to be able to serve Malloy’s political career up on a platter at the next election, but I’m concerned that Connecticut has become one of those states where Democrats could hold rallies at the Capitol where they’d strangle live puppies and still would get re-elected.

3 thoughts on “Malloy to NRA: Support Obamacare!”

  1. Seriously mentally ill people lose their jobs, and therefore their health insurance. Those insured under exchanges are unlikely to continue making payments on their health insurance once they become seriously ill. Worse, many do not see themselves as mentally ill, and do not seek mental health treatment with any consistency.

    Malloy is a liar.

  2. CT is one of the states with the most ‘protections’ against involuntary commitment. All state hospitals have been closed. Even the most disturbed CT citizens are treated on an outpatient basis. I was at the rally in Hartford last Sat, people are fired up here and Malloy’s reelection isn’t certain

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