North Korean Communists Understand the Gun

From a poem written about dead North Korean dictator King Jong-Il:

So this is the Gun
that in the hands of an inferior man
can only commit murder,
but when wielded by a great man,
can overcome anything.
As history has shown,
war and carnage belong
to the weak.
General Kim Jong-il,
the General alone,
is Lord of the Gun,
Lord of Justice,
Lord of Peace,
Lord of Unification.
Ah, the true leader of the Korean people!

The propagandists for the North Korean regime understand what it means to be a disarmed people, and trick the people into rejoicing in it. They get the symbolism. Our opponents the gun control movement do too. They would happily write similar poems. Perhaps their ideal state would not be Kim-Jong Il; it would be a happier state, for your own good, and all. But they at least are philosophically sympathetic to the idea expressed in this sycophantic poem.

2 thoughts on “North Korean Communists Understand the Gun”

  1. The article you linked is a frightening look into a world of true evil. I may very well buy that book.
    The poem is a very good example of how disarmament can help cause great harm.

  2. Our opponents’ state would not be a happier one. They would try for one – but never quite arrive. The more they tried, the closer to North Korea they would get. Chasing state-sponsored happiness is as stupid and fruitless as a heroin addict chasing that first high.

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