Civil Rights Victory in Wisconsin

Scott Walker has signed concealed carry reform. Didn’t have the votes to get to Constitutional Carry, but the state will have a fairly decent licensing regime. NRA’s alert is here. The law will take effect the first day after the 4th month after publication, which I think means November 1st, when the stated will start issuing licenses.

The great irony in all this is that Doyle vetoed a significantly more burdensome licensing regime during his administration, which was met by our opponents with great fanfare and relieve. The bill Scott Walker just signed into law is much more liberal. This is a good lesson for our opponents that even when you think you’ve won, we’re just going to wait it out, and come back and beat you again that much worse.

2 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Wisconsin”

  1. Supposedly, WI will recognize any state’s permit that has a background check part to it. That’s the story so far, anyway.

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