The North Korean Fun Fair!

An excellent photo essay of communist dictatorships who are starving their own people trying to look like they are something less than a dilapidated failed country. It kinds of reminds me of one of those Star Trek episodes where the aliens get a hold of some piece of literature and try to recreate what they think represent the human earth world based on that small window of insight into human existence, but pretty much totally get it wrong. From the sample picture I show, pretty clearly the North Korean regime hasn’t ever heard of rule 4. But I guess when you’re starving people by the millions, what’s it to you if someone loses an eye? I guess we should just be happy it’s probably not a real gun, with political dissidents used as backstops. I particularly encourage readers to make sure to see the photos at the bottom of the roller coaster. That takes some guts to get on a rickety piece of crap like that for journalism’s sake.

2 thoughts on “The North Korean Fun Fair!”

  1. I want to laugh because it’s hilariously written. I want to cry, too, though. +1 on the stones it takes to ride a 3rd world coaster.

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