Upsetting the Right People

I have been rather skeptical of NRA’s ads which wander out of the realm of gun rights and into the realm of the vague and lofty. These are the NRA “good guys” (whoever they are) commercial spots:

But I’ll say this, they are at least sending the right people into spastic fits. I continue to be skeptical that this foray into the high and inspiring is going to work, but then again, I’m a cynical bastard compared to most people.

3 thoughts on “Upsetting the Right People”

  1. It sent them into fits alright; I couldn’t ask for anything more! I wished I could have responded to the author’s article. He claims the NRA was born of the manufacturers and is just masquerading as a grassroots group. We know that’s everything but the truth. We need to educate people with facts: the formation of the NRA was a direct response to the poor marksmenship of the north in the Civil War. It was to help the soldiers who freed the slaves shoot better. Obviously, if your not for that, than you must be racist! ;P

  2. As long as the NRA is keen to tie all these lofty and inspiring messages back to the importance of gun rights, I’m all for it.

    You have to admit though, they’ve definitely stepped up their game in the quality department. Just a couple Presidential cycles ago we were dealing with stuff like this:

    I think hiring their contingent of ‘commentators’ and launching things like NRA Freestyle is one of the smartest decisions they’ve made in the marketing side of things in quite a while. It must make antis’ blood boil to see folks like Chris Cheng and Colion Noir talk about self defense and how much fun being involved in gun culture is.

    1. I agree they have stepped up their game to make it more than just gun rights. They are helping reinforce gun rights are intrinsically linked to all our rights. It may work. There are enough people who see the erosion of all of our rights that could step up for gun rights as part of an overall. We will see. Personally I think the NRA is being clever with these ads. After I saw a couple I said, Hell yes!

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