Eddie Eagle

Our opponents are always cynical, and critical of the effectiveness of NRA’s Eddie Eagle program. Well, here is one instance where a kid found a gun and did the right thing. In their minds, Eddie Eagle has to be a sinister, cynical plot by the gun lobby, because if it’s not, and if it actually works, it means our side is doing more to reduce gun violence than they are.

3 thoughts on “Eddie Eagle”

  1. Well given that the NRA is the #1 safety trainer in the nation, and simply HAS a program like Eddie Eagle, meanwhile the other side offers nothing but bans and restrictions.

    That’s not even taking into account the fact that their methods are ALWAYS for stripping guns from lawful citizens, meanwhile doing nothing, or even SUPPORTING violent criminals…

    1. But, but, but, once we ban guns, we won’t need to worry about gun safety, because no one will have guns to get hurt with!

      (Except for the criminals, of course, and their children, and the children of innocents who stumble onto that gun thrown in the bushes because that one criminal was about to get caught…)

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