Tuesday News Links 06-10-2014

My time is short and is only going to get shorter in the next few weeks, but I have some news items piled up that I need to get rid of:

Las Vegas Shootings & Other Spree Killers:

Tam has some commentary on the Las Vegas shooting, or more accurately, the media reaction to it. They couldn’t have asked for a better narrative making couple than those two.

Brady is trying to make hay of the fact that they were looking for guns on Facebook.

Dave Kopel: The history of magazines holding 11 or more rounds.

More jerks blaming me (and you) for what other bozos do. The same jerk notes the mass shooting stopped with pepper spray. OK, then why don’t we take guns away from cops then? I advocate carrying pepper spray, but it’s a terrible risk depending on spray to stop an active shooter.

Bearing Arms: The Humility of a Hero. Pepper spray is probably your next best thing, but it should be kept in mind that a) it takes a bit to start really affecting the attacker, and in these situations seconds count, b) it doesn’t affect everyone the same way and c) a sprayed person is still capable of employing deadly force even after the spray takes effect, if that person is sufficiently determined.

Again, this is an argument for taking guns away from the police too.

Clayton wants to know why their neighbors just didn’t call the police.

The shooters were apparently kicked off the Bundy Ranch, but you’ll probably be reading in the media that they were at the Bundy Ranch, so of course are connected.

The male shooter in the Las Vegas incident was already a prohibited person.

Not Really News:

Bill Maher is still a jackass.

The Clintons never supported the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

SAFE Act not making New York any safer.

Seattle shooter had mental health problems that were noticed, but no one did anything.

Those Crazy Anti-Gunners:

Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General has seemingly gone silent. Of course, CSGV tries to play the race card.

Brady to tap Hollywood in a continuing search for relevance.

Idaho professors looking to OC rifles to class to protest the law which allows firearms in schools. Knock yourselves out. No skin off my back. You’re the ones who look ridiculous.

Same ideas, different decade. If the media has enough reason to write about gun policy the probability approaches near certainty that some moron will write that the gun control movement just needs to try something new, and then propose a bunch of ideas that have already been tried and failed.

Chuck Schumer doesn’t even know who wrote the Bill of Rights. To be fair, most university graduates probably don’t either, but they also aren’t using the Bill of Rights for toilet paper in the Senate bathroom.

General Gun News:

Century lays off 41 employees because Obama isn’t allowing reimportation of M1s.

NPR: Guns kept people alive during the Civil Rights Movement.

Shannon Watts is pushing a petition to bring down on Target. If our side can’t out noise them, I think they’ll win. And unlike their other wins, which never included a policy change, this one will. Once she gets one retailer to bite, how long before another does? She’s claiming 10,000 signatures.

The son of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous abortion doctor, was shot when he invaded the home of two students one of whom was armed.

Judge tells ATF to stop making it up as they go along.


4 Responses to “Tuesday News Links 06-10-2014”

  1. Stacy says:

    Anyone else notice commenting is disappearing off of leftwing-oriented sites? Too many people showing up with off-the-plantation ideas…

  2. Peter O says:

    Do you have the corporate contact for target so we can send our own letters?

  3. Kirk Parker says:

    Our levels of gun violence are off the charts.

    What a despicable liar. Our levels of gun violence are decreasing.

  4. Jake says:

    To be fair to Schumer (even if I’d rather not), Jefferson is generally given credit for the BoR, even if it’s not really correct, because he was Sec. of State when it was sent to the states for ratification.