Carrying in DC

Well, we’re to Monday morning and it appears there’s no change in the situation from Saturday evening when it comes to the Washington, DC gun situation. In fact, last night Emily Miller was reporting on Twitter that the DC police have apparently conceded on the carry issue for the time being.

Dave Kopel notes that before you strap a gun on your hip and head into DC, you should probably try to find out more about this very fluid situation.

As of 1:30 a.m. ET on Monday morning, I was not able to find a copy of Chief Lanier’s order on the websites of the D.C. Police, D.C. Attorney General, or city government. It would be helpful for non-residents who seek to comply with the D.C. government’s interpretation of the current situation if the order were speedily made available to the public.

And he also reminds people that there are many laws on the books that were not invalidated by the court.

Nothing in the District Court’s opinion invalidates the D.C. ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Nothing in the opinion addresses the numerous federal and D.C. laws which prohibit carry in a huge number of locations within the District–such as most federal buildings, lots of federal property, as well as schools and colleges. (The D.C. “school” ban even encompasses a school of cosmetology whose students are all adults.)

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  1. Agree with you on being Patient. As Convoluted as just what is Federal Land inside the Beltway vs what is Private, I’d hate to see someone end up in Jail just because they walked across the Mall. Also, there’s nothing to stop ‘Private Entities” and Property Owners from putting up “No Guns Allowed” signage.

    And since I don’t see the DC Political Elitists caving in because of just one Judge’s Ruling, I’m guesstimating that it will take several years to go through the Courts.

    But it would send a “Tingle up my Leg” if at the next Presidential Inauguration, the MSM would have a Hissy when they’d show a Lawful Citizen Open Carrying a Glock while watching the Ceremony.

  2. I wonder how this ruling affects the pending cases where individuals were caught with spent shotgun shells and .22lr brass….

  3. Please don’t take any action based on advice from Emily Miller. Yes, she is great and we owe her a lot, but she tends to shoot first with sometimes inaccurate information.

  4. Like I said in another post here: One thing to be wary of – they’re not enforcing the law in question now, but they are taking names. Who wants to bet that if the circuit court reverses the decision, the DC police will go back and charge everyone they caught with a gun.

    I’ll stay in America until this shakes out, thanks.

  5. Perhaps, as solidarity for those in Washington DC, we should start a movement, where we send in our names and other Identification Information, and what kind of pistol we’d be carrying if we were in Washington, DC, to the Washington DC Police Department.

    Probably a futile gesture…at the same time, I wonder what the Washington DC PD would do with all those names, if a million or so gun owners did something like this…

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