Brady Jobs Program

Kaveman notes they are looking for a few good (wo)men. Concentrating on building grassroots is the top priority of their next President. I hate to break to the Bradys but grassroots are generally a bottom up thing, not a top down thing. NRA exists from the bottom up. It did not create its grassroots, it’s grassroots created it (or took it over, more accurately). I don’t predict Brady will have much success in this, because they are going about it wrong. The big disadvantage they have over us is that anti-gun is not a hobby. Shooting is, and one that is practiced by millions of Americans. That gives a natural base of support on which you can build a grassroots-based movement.

What, strategically, are the Brady’s are facing? They need grassroots, but they are also desperate for funding. There are communities who would probably be natural sources of anti-gun activism and energy, but those are going to tend to dwell in inner cities and aren’t going to be worth much as sources of funding. The natural source of funding for anti-gun groups are going to be upper middle class to upper class urbanites and suburbanites, who honestly don’t have much in common with the folks who will end up being the organization’s public face when it comes time to put people on the ground. Brady’s natural funding reservoirs are more interested in gun control as a means of battling other elites, who’s political attitudes and lifestyles they find revolting, than they are interested in allying with inner city leaders to combat violence in those communities. To maintain themselves, the Brady Campaign will have to seek fewer donors with deeper pockets, probably drawing heavily from the issue friendly foundations, who would be happy to fund an inner city grassroots anti-gun/peace movement. There may even be a few wealthy individual donors out there who’d be willing to contribute money. But my feeling is the Brady Campaign is not going to be any more successful with this new strategy than they were under Paul Helmke. If anything, I think they will be less successful.

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  1. I think the experience section is the most notable feature about the job listing. It doesn’t contain any demands for hard experience. It’s all fluffy language that makes it easier for people to BS their way into an interview.

  2. Uh, Thirdpower didn’t note anything.

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  4. The Brady Campaign, organized fundraising for the purpose of subverting the Second Amendment that it is, should be outlawed as criminal activity. The incivility of their attacks on our rights should not be tolerated in a society that calls itself civilized. What they do is wrong, and that should be reflected in law, not ignored in law.

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