Moving On

So far, all of the news about gun companies moving to more free states has been news about expansions happening in those states. Beretta changed that today with the news that they will pull their manufacturing out of Maryland and move it all to Tennessee.

Beretta USA is moving all of its Maryland manufacturing operations to its new production facility in Gallatin, a move that will greatly accelerate the company’s plans to add 300 jobs in Middle Tennessee, the company announced today.

They currently plan to keep their executive offices in Maryland, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Specifically, they cite the threat of more gun control in the Old Line State as the reason for going ahead and pulling up all manufacturing operations out of the area.

5 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. Chew on that one, O’Malley. Good jobs gone poof, less tax base for your welfare payoffs. Heh.

  2. sucks to lose them, since they’re a strong voice for gun rights, but it’s not like it’s a mystery WHY they’d move. and probably bespeaks worse things for the future.

  3. We gunnies are focused on the firearms industry so we pay attention to stuff like this. I wonder, though, what other industries well off our radar, and what percentage of them, very quietly expand in or move to more free locations.

    I doubt Acme Widgets faces the same vindictiveness from state government(s) as gun companies, but as evidenced by the California Evacuation, government oppression through common regulations does take its toll. The motion picture biz in Vancouver is growing; in Hollywood, not so much.

    And, as a side note, when outfits like PTR, Magpul, Beretta, Remington, et al relocate, what’s the “drag along” effect? I know Magpul has a number of smaller suppliers, mostly precision molding tooling and plastics companies, but I’d wager the others do as well. How many of those wind up moving as well?

  4. Not unexpected. And for those of us in Maryland, we cheer them on and wish them well. It’s not like the State didn’t have warning. Beretta told them exactly what was going to happen if FSA 2013 became law. No one here blames Beretta in the slightest. It is the same reasons that MagPul left Colorado. And what other companies are doing elsewhere. I suspect it is only a matter of laying the groundwork until Remington tells NY to piss off. And despite the fact I am pissed at Remington due to their handling of the R700 recall, I would support their move 100% for the same reasons I support Beretta’s. Why stay where you’re not welcome?

    Sadly, all of these states see this as a good thing. Get those dirty, evil gun companies out of their enlightened territory. I wish the politicians would stand up and crow about how they’ve driven these companies out, that their bad guns are not wanted. Nope. Instead they stand up and cry about job losses, not listening to unions, etc. That takes chutzpah.

    The real losers in this are the employees put to a choice of whether to move or not.

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