Magpul’s Going to Texas

Magpul announces a move to Texas and Wyoming. The corporate HQ will be in TX, and manufacturing Wyoming. A lot of people have been upset with Magpul for not moving fast enough, but anyone who’s ever been involved in a corporate move knows that you can’t pick a company up and move it on a dime. I expect it’ll take another year or so before they execute on their decision. The left has made it abundantly clear they are more concerned about fighting cultural crusades than keeping jobs in the states they control.

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  1. Still, I am not going to buy anymore Magpul product until they are completely out of Colorado. If I want more magazines I’ll just buy Brownell’s USGIs.

    I’m glad to see that wasn’t just all a gigantic PR stunt and they had no intent of moving and just did that to get money and attention. I was starting to think it was. But then the eventual fallout the gun community would’ve been pretty nasty.

    1. You can’t just move a manufacturing plant at the drop of a hat.
      I’m surprised it’s happening this fast. Good for Magpul!

      1. I understand that is a larger company but they were so damn hush-hush about it there was a bit of a doubt that they were going to move. And I’m not the only one who thought that. They wouldn’t give us any location at all in terms of any type of moving. All they said is that they had already moved into some places but they didn’t say where. So that put the whole thing into doubt.

        Granted, I am happy they are doing this but took him way too damn long to give us any information.

        1. notifying YOU was probably the last thing on their mind. Running a manufacturing company is time consuming ya know. Nothing happens in a split second, especially nothing as big as a company moving all of its assets out of a location. it takes month’s to go through the process of buying a home and moving- why would it be any different for a company? You’re also angry because they didn’t give you a heads up? Here’s a thought- maybe they didn’t say anything because they weren’t sure where they were going to move yet. They probably had multiple offers and locations to choose from. Maybe they didn’t want to start any rumors are go public with anything until it was a done deal. It’s not unheard of for a company to keep a course of action secret until they have made their final decision. Who are you to demand that they show you their minutes after every meeting?

          1. Gun laws are far from the only regulations companies have to deal with. Managers learn to be very tight-lipped about the kinds of stuff that can affect investors, vendors, landlords, etc…

            Balbing in public about an internal decision process not completed is a fast way to get fired and / or sued.

      2. Really? You can’t? They were very quick to tell us that they were using a contractor to manufacture Pmags out of CO. That happened pretty quick. Magpul was dragging it’s tactical feet and started to feel the heat of gun owners who were paying attention and being vocal. You should head over to the Magpul facebook page and look at some of the comments over the last 6 months and how they trended.

        1. Yes, it was the Facebook comments of the Doubting Thomas’s that caused them to reconsider their eeeeeevil plan to lie to gun owners by saying they would move but then, a few months later, twirling their collective moustaches and cackling “ha ha, fooled you suckers!”

          Yeah, -that’s- the most reasonable explanation.

          It certainly couldn’t be that corporate moves involve tax negotiations (which take time and are not usually public) with the communities and states being moved to, involve looking at supplier, distributor and employee contracts for any legal issues that might pertain, involve setting up new distribution and supply chain logistics, involve giving employees time to arrange their affairs accordingly, etc etc.

          It was obviously a bunch of victim mentality, outrageously self-important conspiracy freaks who kept them on task.

  2. Corporate HQ in TX makes sense from the lack of a personal income tax, while manufacturing in WY may be even cheaper. We got that a lot here in OK where companies would base operations would still be north of the Red River but HQ would be in N Dallas area.

  3. I am with Shawn on this, and we are with tons of other people in the gun hobby and self defense communities. I will not buy Magpul products. Some of it, most of it, has to do with their Colorado “we’re leaving if you pass these laws” publicity stunts that were not followed up with open and timely communication to their customer base about their actual plans. Who the hell am I to demand that kind of detail from them, you might ask? I’ll tell you who the hell I am. I’m their damn customer, that’s who I am. If that’s not good enough for you, it darn well should have been good enough for them, but since they just wanted to ride their wave of publicity (and I doubt they ever really intended to move until the gun community started to turn up the heat) then they can go to corporate sales hell. I am not buying their products and have not bought any since it became pretty darn clear that they were full of shit about moving out of Colorado.

    These guys are a bunch of shark jumpers. Take a look around the gun world. There are now tons of companies making stuff for gun hobbyists and military/LE people. There is no monopoly on quality products or neat gadgets. Magpul ruined their good will with the shooting community by staying so super-secret-squirrel-ninja-quiet-as-a-church-mouse about their plans. And, as I said, they never had any real plans until they were recently given the chance to feel some well-deserved heat.

    Mark my words: A year from now, nobody will be talking about Magpul or giving a shit new plastic crapola they are trying to peddle to the gun community.

    1. I’m sure they are very concerned about losing the “don’t apparently know anything about business practices while simultaneously possessing an aggrandized entitlement mentality” crowd.

  4. Give em a break. This is hard stuff. Took me most of two years to move out of CO and I am just a guy, not a manufacturing operation.

    1. Seriously! You don’t have to be an MBA here to appreciate that there were lots of really obvious business reasons for Magpul to move at a deliberate pace and keep some cards close to the vest until the deal was done.

      They chose two great states in Free America; their plan makes political and business sense. I wish ’em well and will make a point of buying some more of their excellent magazines.

  5. Are there really people silly enough to boycott Magpul because moving their entire company took over a year? Seriously? For a manufacturing company that actually seems fast. And yeah, they are not going to make everything public while they negotiate with local governments about business negotiations. Most of the time there are legal issues with making that kind of stuff public. This is not just moving some guys garage, there are permits, environmental impact issues and a host of other red tape to go through. I would not be surprised if it took another year to actually get up and running in their new home states.

    As a note to all the pretentious people demanding magpul move faster, you are not on a high horse like you think you are, you are throwing mud at an ally from the back of a pig. It is unseemly and counter productive.

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