Beretta to Tennessee

Tennessee leaders are apparently excited to welcome a new investment from Beretta in their state that will apparently be in Gallatin, near Nashville. Considering you can’t drive 10 miles in that area without passing billboards for gun shops or gun ranges, I’d say that the 300 people they employee there will probably be among their best customers.

I find it amazing how quickly these blue, anti-gun states with leaders who claim to care about working class folks are so quick to dismiss the manufacturing jobs created by gun companies. The companies are clearly getting tired of it and moving.

3 thoughts on “Beretta to Tennessee”

  1. If the South had as many gun companies back in The Day as they do now, and the North was equally deficient, the “recent unpleasantness” would certainly have had a vastly different outcome.

  2. the funniest thing about it here in MD was watching the anti-gun politicians trying to thread the needle and give Beretta little perks to keep those campaign contributions coming in while still, you know, trying to stop those wicked guns.

    i mean, it wasn’t FUNNY because they still hammered us with anti-gun law, but, you know, it’s as close as it got.

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