Time to “Start Mowing [Gun Owners] Down”?

Bob Owens highlights a blog post that asks when the government will just start taking out “non-criminal cranks — scofflaws and political malcontents” just to prove a point that they are in charge.

I just don’t even know how to respond to that. The fact that she states she wants to see people with whom she simply has a political disagreement with gathered up by our government forces and “mow[ed] down,” even if, as she acknowledges, they have committed no crimes is just beyond my comprehension as a normal human being.

13 Responses to “Time to “Start Mowing [Gun Owners] Down”?”

  1. Jdude says:

    She doesn’t have a political (guns vs no guns) disagreement with you. Her worldview is inherently collectivist. In her view, people exist to serve the whole. Your owning guns is a potential point of resistance against the whole. Resisting the group does not serve the group. The potential of resistance is, inter alia, the same as resistance. Anyone who is not serving the group is resisting the group. Any who is not serving the group is not a part of the group. Anyone who is not a part of the group is to be exterminated to preserve resources for the group. You exist to serve the state. When you no longer serve the state you can no longer exist.

    “The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.”-Karl Marx

    For her, it’s not about the guns.

    For her, it’s that you serve – or you die.

  2. The_Jack says:

    There’s also a generous portion of Lèse-majesté.

    That these political malcontents didn’t get a wiff of the grape when they dared to challenge the king’s grace is an affront to her.

    Note that a big reason she wants the State to mow people down is because she feels those uppity peasants need to be put into their place.

  3. “is just beyond my comprehension as a normal human being.”

    Read Nien Cheng’s Life and Death in Shanghai if you want to comprehend this ferocious madness. There is a strong totalitarian sentiment on the left, which they project onto their opponents.

  4. KM says:

    Typical of the State Is God crowd.
    Agree with me about pacifism or we’ll f’n kill you!

  5. chiefjaybob says:

    If you ever read, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” or any other WWII history book and wondered, How on earth could this have happened? realize that people like this have existed throughout history. It’s people like this that allowed that sort of thing to happen.

  6. Joe Huffman says:

    Bitter, If this is beyond your comprehension you need to do some more reading. I would like to suggest the following:

    The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II

    Lethal Laws: Gun Control Is the Key to Genocide

    Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

    Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

    And The Gulag Archipelago

    The comprehension will probably still be strained but you will realize the mindset is easy to come by and far too common.

  7. djfitz111 says:

    Come’n git it.

  8. RAH says:

    Actually I think a lot of us have echoed the thought. Do we not wonder how the US government that retreated will get their revenge? She may think that it is a good idea, which I do not, but I do wonder, because looking foolish in one thing governments can’t stand

    • Matthew Carberry says:

      If the government controls the media, they can simply believe hard enough and pretend it never happened,”No US tanks in Bagdhad”, etc.

      Claiming victory and going home, then pretending it never happened, eliminates the possibility of actually losing, as long as the press doesn’t embarrass you by continuing to bring it up.

      Like the Emperor’s lack of clothes, the lick-spittles will go along and you can ignore or dismiss the naysayers as racist/sexist/terrorists/etc. The press plays the part of the little child, if you have them co-opted you can live in pretend-ville.

  9. Sigivald says:

    The mindset of the Kommissar or the Gauleiter knows no party or viewpoint lines (except, I suppose, naturally it would be incompatible with anti-authoritarian ones*).

    (* “Agree with me that I shouldn’t have power to enforce my will over you or I’LL KILL YOU!” is incoherent enough that I’m not sure even a human being is capable of holding it as a viewpoint.


  10. terraformer says:

    This is a common approach in the criminal justice system. If you plead mercy and admit your wrong doing, they will go easy on you. If you fight the charges, they throw the book at you. Although repugnant, it’s not a rare example of this view.

  11. Stacy says:

    The left is always warning us about rightwing political violence, but all the actual political violence comes from the left.

    • Greg says:

      If there was a “like” button, I would have clicked it, Stacy. You put a hole dead center in the target with that comment.