NJ Ban Passes: Time to Put Pressure on Chris Christie

The gun and magazine ban passed the New Jersey Senate by a vote of 22-17, so it now heads to the Governor’s desk. Please contact Governor Christie and ask him to veto the magazine and gun ban. Needless to say the other side is pleased:

Let us do our level best to make this a short-lived victory for them. I believe there is a good chance we can convince Governor Christie to veto this.

11 thoughts on “NJ Ban Passes: Time to Put Pressure on Chris Christie”

  1. Does it matter? Christie vetoes it today, they’ll try again in 2017 when a Democrat is invariably elected.

    If you want to change things in New Jersey, you’re too late. The Democrat machine is so firmly entrenched in this State that there is no real recourse against them. They set the districts, own the courts, the legislature, the local media, EVERYTHING.

    “In a town this bent, who’s there to rat to anyway?”

    1. I understand!.. we are biding our time in Maine, and i am currently considering moving mself and my national client based business (no need to stay here, and potentially no income taxes elsewhere) .. the tell is the next election.. but right now we have a democrat strangle hold on the house and senate, a Republican Gov veto, and the media in the state is OWNED by a left radical NY billionaire NY hedge fund oligarth, and his wife (our beloved congressional rep, pingree).. Gov LePage MAY get re-elected because of a three way Rep-Dem-Liberal Independent split.. but if he wins, we are only good for a few more years.. very tenuous… The Dems brought 10s of bills AGAINST guns after Newtown, and we barely squeeked by.. some requiring LePage vetos.. I fear for our (probably soon to be my past) state… socialist progressive fasicts huff manure fumes

  2. What’s the over/under that he signs it into law instead of vetoing it?

    Any bets he lets it ride into law rather than take a definitive action?

    I don’t mean to sound cynical (really, I don’t!) but I have very little faith in Chris Christie when it comes to gun rights in NJ.

    1. It depends on if a) he still wants to be president and b) if he thinks signing such a ban would hurt him more than vetoing it.

        1. Romney didn’t just sign them, he defended AWB’s in one of the prez. debates.

    2. He’ll veto if he is going to try for the nomination, or is even still undecided.

  3. Where are those boot-lickers from the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance who supported Sweeney, Norcross and Greenwald now? Hopefully in hiding.

  4. Christie needs to set on this law and kill it quick. Ha ha, fat jokes I love’em.

  5. I contacted the Governor’s office through the link, and so should you.
    But I wonder, was there a more gentle, more appropriate way to identify this sort of junk than “ineffective nonsense?”

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