Beeping, Blinking and Flashing!

It’s nearly 2AM, and my work was interrupted about an hour and a half ago because a relatively mild storm knocked our power out. I was this frigging close || to ending the crisis at the client and getting us some breathing room. It amazes me I weathered Irene and Sandy without losing power, and now I’m pushing two hours being out from a practically nothing storm. I have three UPSes to power my whole operation at the home office, and when things start running down, I feel like this:

We’ve already run down the UPS that powers the server. That’s on double backup, which consists of a marine deep cell battery with a 300W inverter. The blog will stay up as long as that lasts, but in the morning if we still don’t have power, it’s generator time.

3 thoughts on “Beeping, Blinking and Flashing!”

  1. I’m assuming, since I’m seeing this at nearly 8:00am, that the power is back on.

    1. Came back at about 5:30AM, and I didn’t get a wink of sleep until it came back. I can’t sleep with absolutely zero noise, when it’s humid out and the air conditioning isn’t working :)

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