Juggling More Flaming Torches

Today I started an engagement at a new client, so my blogging schedule is going to be thrown for a loop while I try to figure out how to work everything in. It’s high-performance computing work though, so there’s not much of a learning curve, and I can hit the ground running. But starting a new client is still pretty much like starting a new job, and I still have my current work to do as well.

For the past few years I’ve been working on special projects internally, trying to develop a product pipeline that can sustain the company more reliably than billable hours. But thanks to the awful winter we lost a boatload of money in the first quarter, so volunteered to go billable for a bit to help make it up. Everyone else on my projects has to juggle billable hours with internal project work, and I didn’t think I should be any different.

Unlike our opponents, who do this for a living, or who are stinking rich enough to not need employment, I have a mortgage to pay, and I like eating better than ramen. This first week might be a little rough blog wise, but I’m working with Bitter to help make up the short-fall. After that I should have a new schedule figured out and things will appear to return mostly to normal.

7 thoughts on “Juggling More Flaming Torches”

  1. Have you considered applying to work for Bloomberg under a fake name, put up a dummy anti-gun blog, and see how long it takes them to figured out you’re telling ridiculous, unsourced lies (“In America, a child is shot by a gun every eight seconds…”)? A source of additional income….

    1. He could do that, but then the lies would get picked up and reported as truth. The blog would be the primary source.

  2. hurry back ! it’s been at least 2 days since you railed against OCT or open carry in general.

  3. Hey–did you pass the background check for possessing flaming torches? For The Children™, you know…

  4. It’s a difficult juggling act. Lord knows I’ve not done well with it being that I’ve only been at my new gig for 2 weeks and haven’t really put a bunch of effort into blogging (heck, I wanted to rail against OCT myself, and you know how big of an OC supporter I am!).

    Do what you need to do to avoid the ramen, we’ll be here.

  5. It is unfortunate that the gun control movement has money to hire people full-time to spread lies, but the gun rights movement is so desperately poor that pretty much anyone that defends gun rights has to do it after paying the bills. But this is what happens when you side with the peasants, not the nobility.

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