Hickenlooper: Let Me Feed You Another Lie…

Colorful Colorado

I really hope that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper keeps on talking because he’s keeping himself in the press for all of the right reasons – at least from our perspective of wanting to see him lose his re-election bid.

First, he “apologizes” for not talking to local law enforcement before pushing gun control that they would end up suing that state over. However, in his apology, Hickenlooper lied to the sheriffs by claiming that he never spoke to Bloomberg during the gun control push. Except he did, and there are records to prove it.

It would seem that perhaps Hickenlooper’s version of “stick[ing] to the facts,” a phrase he used to open his lie to the sheriffs, is a bit more like “sticking to complete falsehoods and hoping that no one has yet obtained the phone records to prove it’s a total fabrication.” I have to say, I hope that he stays in the media for such gaffes.

3 thoughts on “Hickenlooper: Let Me Feed You Another Lie…”

  1. And now his staff’s admited he talked with Bloomberg.

    “When the governor told an audience of sheriffs that he had not talked to Bloomberg, the governor was attempting to convey he never had a conversation with Bloomberg that influenced the decision he made. In no way did the governor intend to mislead the sheriffs or anyone else.”

    Riiiiight. I guess saying “I talked with Bloomberg but he didn’t convince me” was too dang hard.

    1. “I talked with Bloomberg but he didn’t convince me”

      Which can also be read as ‘I fully intended to subvert the Constitution with an illegal law long before talking to Mikey.’

  2. He’s been trying to pull a little more right for awhile to get some rural support. My only hope with his statements is if he wins the governorship again (and unfortunately I think this is greater than 50/50) and we win back both houses of government (also in the 50/50 range) either with a Republican majority or mixed pro-gun majority, that he will sign a bill that reverses some of this crap.

    Colorado is the new 2nd amendment battleground state, because it’s like Mosul or Tikrit — an area we thought was fairly safe but was suddenly and unexpectedly seized by a well financed externally based enemy that found some willing conspirators locally.

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