More on the “Stroller Jam”

We were hearing some conflicting reports yesterday on the Stroller Jam that Mom’s Demand Action from Mayors in Everytown (a tip of the hat to Bearing Arms for coming up with that one) had put together, but it seems the truth is that there was one stroller.  I’ve never really studied the physics of stroller traffic, but I’m pretty sure that it takes more than one stroller to cause a “jam.” Other than that, there were a dozen people. You can find their group portrait here.

At my club last night, made a special award presentation to one of our junior shooters, who earned NRA’s Junior Distinguished Expert Award, only the second shooter in our junior program to do so. A total of 35 people came to the meeting. That’s maybe 10 higher than what we run on a typical monthly members meeting, but the point is we’re turning out twice the number MDA is for what is normally the most mundane thing you can think of. We got ten extra people for doing something different this month! When CeaseFirePA organized a protest outside of a local lawmaker’s office, on just a few hours notice we were able to come up with twice the number of people they did.

When will it become apparent to corporations like Target that Shannon Watts is, as they would say in Texas, all hat and no cattle?

2 thoughts on “More on the “Stroller Jam””

  1. I fear that when it comes to corporate America, it doesn’t matter how many warm bodies show up for protests. What matters is the media noise generated. The corporation probably look at the situation as if it was advertising. And we all know the value that business places on advertising.

    I guess the question is, how effective is that anti-gun advertising to the corporate bottom line? And even if it isn’t effective, is the negative advertising alone enough to bully the corporations into subservience?

    Can a non-gun corporation learn the lesson of Smith & Wesson? But I don’t think the people of the gun have the same kind of power over a non-gun company like Target.

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