Sonic and Chilis Still Being Targeted, But No Word Yet

I think this article that appeared on The Blaze document past events, so this does not represent fresh activity on the part of the Texas open carriers, but our struggle to stem the bleeding caused by their foolish behavior continues. These events are likely what roused Shannon Watts to target Chili’s and Sonic:

You know what normal people don’t do? Drag rifles around places with a camera in hand to gauge people’s reactions. So how does acting not normal somehow later translate into making something normal? I don’t know. I have not seen any response from either Chilis or Sonic yet. Sonic is telling anti-gunners they are taking their concerns very seriously:

Sonic is based in Oklahoma City and has its roots in Oklahoma. That they are considering revising policy should be a flashing white hot neon sign that OCing rifles around to restaurants is a horrible, horrible idea. Chili’s is also reviewing their policies. These statements were before the holiday weekend, so it’s possible both companies are standing by hoping that Watts and her small handful of followers run out of steam. Let us hope, because the rest of us don’t deserve to suffer for fools.

8 thoughts on “Sonic and Chilis Still Being Targeted, But No Word Yet”

  1. Now they’re putting videos of this shit on YouTube?? Wtf is that supposed to accomplish? Were Bubba and Cletus sitting around discussing how they can make their stunts even more damaging? Why don’t they just invite a camera crew from the Huffington Post?

  2. Damn Texas idiots. And I actually frequent the Sonic on Rte. 611 in Willow Grove alot. Why do these attention whores keep doing this kind of crap???

  3. I cringe every time I see this kind of thing. I am a gun enthusiast, owner, carrier and as pro-2A as you can get. I mostly carry concealed but I have indeed carried openly (pistol sidearm not a rifle) from time to time in the past.

    I don’t see anything good coming out of carrying an AR-15, AK-47, etc. out to a restaurant though… it’s clearly unnecessary as a defensive weapon for protection, and instead of exercising a right with the intent of making sure it’s never lost… it’s scaring the shit out of people and ensuring that right gets an express-lane ride to being overturned.

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