Saturday Gun News


There hasn’t honestly been much gun news this week, but since I was pretty much off the air yesterday, I’ll see if I can give it a go:

General Gun News:

This is an outright lie, but Bloomberg is putting up serious money to feed this stuff to an unquestioning media.

Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications for CSGV is a big comic book fan. I think we found his superhero.

Chuck Michel profiles Don Kates, who most scholars in this  issue agree was the foundation of the movement to restore the Second Amendment.

Boomershoot 2014 private fireballs.

I once heard Bob Cottrol once remark that if one wanted to be a consistent liberal, one would favor programs to help the poor afford firearms. Well, Professor, meet Democratic NH State Representative Timothy Horrigan.

The court case challenging Washington D.C.’s ban on carry, Palmer v. DC, is still awaiting a decision, after years.

Very cool video that shows how AK-47 magazine are made. I wouldn’t want to get my hand or fingers caught in any of those heavy presses.

Sort of Off Topic:

Only one percent of the population is politically active. That’s why it’s easy for a small group that is very motivated to make a big difference. Democracy works for those who show up.

Off Topic:

From the UK: Kids get lost on a field trip, then and now.

Tell me something I don’t know: Vast majority of people who claim gluten intolerance don’t actually have any gluten intolerance, study shows.

One thought on “Saturday Gun News”

  1. On gluten: I would suggest that more people have an intolerance than actually get tested. We don’t actually *need* gluten in any form to survive. Some absolutely cannot tolerate it (like my fiance) in any small amount whatsoever without severe health issues. She has tested positive for celiac and her health has improved 100% since cutting it out.

    Then there are probably people who gain weight and blame it on gluten and give it up (along with most carbs) and claim that gluten alone was the problem. For them, it was probably more carbs than anything.

    Bottom line, I would suggest getting tested. It is a genetic predisposition.

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