Slide Fire & Shannon Watts

In the case of dealing with Slide Fire, Shannon Watts just cannot let their slights against her go and she’s launching yet another hashtag to make her point that she really doesn’t like gun companies.

First, Slide Fire puts up a billboard and she’s offended that they announce their products are as American as apple pie which offends her as a mother. So, she starts a campaign to end it that doesn’t seem to go anywhere and it kind of fades away quietly.

Second, the billboard comes down and she proclaims victory, only to have the company come out and show that they only rented the space for a set period of time that had come to an end. Her campaign had nothing to do with it, and her “victory” is mocked just as she’s making a similar misstep with Staple’s.

Third, a company staff member showed up, took a picture with her, and then introduced himself. She wasn’t happy with that, but when Slide Fire wanted to publicly share their thanks to her for promoting their brand and making the single, local billboard campaign a nationwide viral success, well, she’s really unhappy now that people actually know she posed with a company representative.

Her unhappiness takes the form of a Twitter hashtag and a Facebook post where she tries to blame every uncomplimentary word online about her on the company that rents billboard space.

16 thoughts on “Slide Fire & Shannon Watts”

  1. Her latest on Twitter claims that Slide Fire’s Facebook page is inciting violence against women, which is a pretty serious accusation.

    Slide Fire’s supporters, of course, are challenging her to show where that’s happening, which as far as I can tell, she can’t because it isn’t.

    At what point does her irrational obsession with defaming her ideological opponents officially become libel/slander/defamation?

    And at what point will people stop taking her seriously because of it?

  2. The hinges are coming off the train that’s going off the tracks. It won’t be long until nanny mike retires shannon. Nanny mike likes to keep his dogs on a leash.

  3. Has anyone seen Shannon Watts and Joan Peterson in the same comment thread?

  4. That’s the trouble with hiring “True Believers.” Intelligence and effectiveness take a back seat to piety during the hiring process.

    What Bloomy needs to do is to hire Tom Selleck, or Kurt Russell, or some other masculine manly man, but none of them want anything to do with him.

    1. The thing is, she’s not a true believer. She’s a hired PR executive. So I have to wonder if (a) she was an affirmative action hire; or (b) if she was the one acting in the affirmative, IYKWIMAITYD.

  5. Her skin is way too thin for this role, I think. Also, she does have an oddly long neck, amiright? That’s neither here nor there. Anyway, yeah it turns out that lots of idiots post stupid things on Facebook. Look at the comments on her post blasting the gun idiots and you’ll see just as many anti-gun idiots. I guess she’d call them all “members” of her organization since they posted a comment though. Heck, I’m probably a “member” now because I looked at her post. Yeah, I think she’s in way over her head, oddly long neck be damned.

  6. I saw Slide Fire has that billboard up on the south side of Indy, near the SR37 exit on I-465. They so, so, so need to get that billboard placed on 465 near the Michigan Road exit and also the Whitestown exit of I-65 (the only routes to interstate access from Zionsville, where she lives). She wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without seeing it!

  7. Heh! They tried to shame Slide Fire, it backfired, then they got punked, and now their panties are in a twist! I LOVE IT!!

  8. She did such a good job of hurting Slide Fire that they ADDED my Buddy the Surplus Dealer to their list of Authorized Dealers at the NRA Con. Stupid Idiot.

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