More on the Billboard Issue

Bitter offers up some more information about the Moms Against Guns Billboard fiasco.

I mentioned a client of Clear Channel Outdoor that threatened to put the rest of their planned campaign out to bid again unless pro-Second Amendment messages are posted in the area – with the same number and at the same cost (we don’t have it confirmed if production was also donated to MAG).

So far, the local affiliate they are working with is trying to work some sort of solution out.  I’m sure it is complicated by the legal issue the Philadelphia office has now created for itself.  I have not heard if they have returned their client’s calls or emails yet.

However, here’s the relevant fact.  The client Clear Channel is at risk of losing is spending as much on his ad account in only a few markets as the entire nationwide company has slated for their PSA work, at least based on the numbers provided to me by Clear Channel.  They could literally lose a client that would pay the equivalent of all of their donations in one year over this bad decision made through the internal biases of the Philadelphia office.

Money talks, so if you have a business, or can speak for a business, it would be useful to make your local Clear Channel Outdoors office understand this will mean they don’t get your business.