MDA: Declaring Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

There isn’t any failure Moms Demean Action isn’t willing to turn around and spin as a huge win. From Emily Miller:

Mothers Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an organization funded by billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg, is falsely claiming a victory for forcing a billboard company to take down a Slide Fire advertisement in Chicago.

The truth is that the manufacturer contracted for the billboard to stay up for only two months.

And now that the two months is over, and the billboard rotates to another customer, as billboards are wont to do. Moms Demand Action declares victory! I know why they do this: because they recognize most of their followers don’t know the difference between a real victory and a shit sandwich, and hope they’ll keep donating and contributing enough to keep the organization relevant.

I can’t blame them for trying, because it’s not like our side doesn’t peddle in a lot of BS. But at least we’ll have open discussion about it, as grassroots. The fact that they can get away with such organizational discipline in the first place, shows this to be the hollow hull it really is.

10 thoughts on “MDA: Declaring Victory From the Jaws of Defeat”

  1. Big Nose Shannon’s Mommies Demand Attention lacks both grassroots and internal discussion.

    1. I’m a bit wary of berating Shannon Watt’s physical features. Her ideas and strategy are bad enough without having to impugn her looks. Her ideas are bad enough on their own.

      1. By “berating” and “impugn”, I take it you mean “comment on.” My comment was offered in the same spirit as “Big Nose Kate” or comments about Bob Hope’s nose or Jay Leno’s chin-without a good/bad characterization.

    2. Though, to be honest, I think Shannon Watts doesn’t have anything to be shamed of in the looks department, though it’s probably sexist or something these days to say so.

      1. While Watts is an attractive woman, we should not forget that that goes hand in hand with her also being a cold-blooded and dishonest political hack. The sincere female anti-gun fanatics usually are unattractive hysterics like Joan Peterson. And males are almost never good spokesmen for the antis; either they’re manipulative wimps like Colin Goddard, or they are armchair Stalins like Ladd Everitt who can’t wait to sacrifice everyone else’s life (but never their own) for their own beliefs.

  2. You know, it was only Wednsday evening when I thought about this with regards to MDA’s defining victory down:

    “As things turned in the Pacific durring WW2 Japanese Propaganda kept talking about one glorious victory after the next, problem was… the “victories” kept getting closer and closer to the home islands.”

    And that was befroe MDA started crowing about… advertising contracts not being eternal.

    I guess Lamar *really* didn’t support Slidefire otherwise they would have extended the billboard usage indefinitly… for free… by bumping other customers.

  3. Organizational discipline is easy when you’ve only got a handful of live people to work with. I’m not averse to giving her/them credit, but it has to be earned.

    She has not a fraction of what most state groups have in real, actual breathing and on-site manpower. Staying on message is easy when it’s just you and a dozen people who work with you in the echo chamber. MAIG/MDA would kill for our ground game.

    And when I say “kill”, I honestly think they would commit assault (or worse) to get their end game into power. End/means, broken eggs/omelets and all that. Take a look at Connecticut: they are openly hopeful that men with guns break down doors and take on lawful people they don’t like. There is no way that happens en masse without people getting hurt or killed. They are not only OK with it – they are wishing it to happen. That is part of the plan.

  4. shannon watts and her scumbag cult are nothing but cold blooded crooked corrupt political hacks for the dirtbag demoCRAPS. a discusting bunch living off bloombergs DIRTY MONEY.

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