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Well, we were hoping maybe we’d get an early decision on cert for the Drake case, but it was not to be this morning when the Supreme Court made announcements. We shall soon see whether we’re going to head back to the Supreme Court. Needless to say I’m going to be very nervous if the Court denies cert, since I don’t think we have much in the way of meaningful protections with just the current two cases, and the Heller Five aren’t getting any younger. Let’s see what we have in the way of links today:

NBC laments money in politics one week, and then another week cheers a rich billionaire putting $50 million in to politics. They aren’t against money in politics. They are against our money in politics.

Everytown for Gun Safety (God I hate that name) seems to be launching in cities around the country. Here’s one in Las Vegas. Here’s one in Denver. Note the close in shots so you can’t see how sparsely attended the events are.

Mayor Squidward, Michael Nutter, is joining up with Everytown. Because Philadelphia is just Everytown, USA for sure. Philadelphia is certainly unique in many ways, most of them bad.

John Lott: “What the press is missing in Bloomberg’s anti-gun push.

Hot Air takes on EGS’s first ad.

Why Bloomberg’s Nanny Campaign Will Backfire.

EGS is misleading people about the guns used at Columbine. They were textbook straw purchases, where a legal buyer stands in for the actual buyer, who is prohibited. In this case the Columbine killers were juveniles.

Jacob is skeptical that Dems are really happy about Bloomberg’s $50 million dollar pledge. Well, if he runs ads against Pryor, Landrieu, or any of the other Dems up in red states, it could help them. No better way to advertise your bone fides than getting attacked by Bloomberg.

Jacob also notes that Cuomo could be in trouble. I’m skeptical that he’s vulnerable enough to lose re-election, but if we could pull that off it would be epic.

And finally from Jacob, Five ways gun control advocates fail.

Well, trolling EGS on Facebook was fun while it lasted. Of course, they have their work cut out for them to get rid of all the state and local pages.

Chicago reducing crime by cooking the books? They are just making concealed carry look better.

Civil Rights victory in Massachusetts. Massachusetts? Yes. Massachusetts.

Victor Davis Hanson: “Cliven Bundy and The Rural Way“, and Breitbart: “Cliven Bundy and the Origins of the American Abundance Revolution.” This is still something to keep and eye on, especially given that Reid would seem to be looking for paybacks. Hey, solar farms don’t build themselves, you know.

Off topic:

The United States of SWAT.

Hillary Clinton’s legacy: “She has no legacy. Everything she’s done, except getting preferential treatment from the Democrat establishment, was a failure.” That must be why they are grooming Chelsea.

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  1. I’ve said it before; if we don’t get cert on Drake, I think it is a pretty clear indication that they don’t have the votes. Given the language in Heller, you would think that the 3rd Circuit’s decision would have to be slapped down just for its sheer arrogance (no review of the historical importance, etc.). There is no other fundamental right that is given the short rift like the RKBA. I think we’re in serious trouble if we can’t get the Supremes to slap down Drake.

    1. I read it as deferring til this Friday the 25th. “Distributed for private reading” implies the Justices want to take a good long look at it. Kagan is the mystery player. If she lives up to her confirmation questioning this might be the kind of clean “no carry in practice” case mirroring the Heller reasoning to a “T” she could back. From David Codrea’s Examiner article of several years back (emphasis mine)…

      “When asked her “personal opinion of the rights afforded by the Second Amendment,” she responded:

      There is no question, after Heller, that the Second Amendment guarantees Americans ‘the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.,

      When asked if she will “commit to protect an individual’s right to possess a firearm,” she answered:

      If I am confirmed, I will commit to show Heller and the principles articulated in it the full measure of respect that is due to all constitutional decisions of the Court. Only highly unusual circumstances can justify the Solicitor General’s office in asking the Court to reconsider a decision, especially one as thoroughly considered as Heller. Once again, there is no question, after Heller, that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms and that this right, like others in the Constitution, provides strong although not unlimited protection against governmental regulation.”

      That last bit on its face rules out the barely “Rational Basis” scrutiny used by the lower courts in Drake.

  2. Regarding Cuomo, I wouldn’t hold my breath on near future hopes for decent leadership in NY. The Safe Act shouldn’t be much of factor in another anti-liberty Democrat ascending the throne. I suppose this will work similarly to how Chicago ends up ruling IL, or how Trenton ignores South NJ.

    The NY Post article references that union leadership isn’t happy with him, i.e. not providing enough organized labor handjobs. Google ‘Cuomo primaried’ and you will see moderate support for another D with a more socialist bend, along the likes of a Di Blasio or a Working Families Party candidate.

    It’s apparent to me who runs the state of NY, so NY will again reelect NYC as the governor.

    I hope I am completely wrong on all of this though.

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