Monday News Links for 8-4-2014


The slow trend in gun news unfortunately continues, and I have been more in the mode of trying not to do filler, or veer off topic too much. But I do have some tabs built up from late late week and into the weekend, so let’s see if we can get a news post going:

Bloomberg’s paid stooges aren’t too keen on a new Army pistol because that means gun nuts will want them. Well, I don’t have a 92F, so that may not be the case for me.

From Nick Johnson: Arms and the Several States.

Even NRA is mocking Bloomberg for his epic ad fail.

No, the main obstacle is that smart guns are an answer to a question no one asked. At least no one who actually buys guns.

No… not after your guns at all!

Who knew that Cor-Bon made such projectiles of exploding death?!

This could be a saving grace when it comes to gun control implemented by the Obama Administration.

I’m pretty sure a seminar at the NRA Annual Meeting on sausage making draws a bigger crowd.

D.C. may try to get around the recent ruling in our favor by passing Maryland style may-issue.

Florida doctors told to just ignore the Florida law, at least that’s the advice they are getting from the AAP, which would seem to have taken a lesson from the Obama Administration.

Everytown for censorship has been getting parody videos pulled down even though parody is protected speech. It’s always surprised me how little they can roll with the punches. Watts particularly can’t seem to accept when she makes mistakes.

Oak Ridge offering accent reduction to southerners. My Philly accent attenuated a good bit during college, which is ironic given I went to school in West Philadelphia. But being around other people who didn’t have the accent changed the way I talk.

3 thoughts on “Monday News Links for 8-4-2014”

  1. RE: the Everytown video. It’s amazing how tone deaf they are, but when these people see that scene, they think “how can I take that gun away from that guy?” We think “that woman needs to take action to protect herself and her child”. In what world is it easier to control other people then yourself? But that’s gun control for you- where they’d sooner somehow try to disarm millions of bad people than just get a damn gun themselves.

    1. They also sincerely think the situation (a stalker ex so angry and violent he’s willing to batter down a door) would be significantly *better* if he didn’t have a gun.

      Which means they’re naive enough to think he can’t beat/stab/club the woman and her child to death, or they honestly think that’s still better than “gun death”.

      This is why their reaction was so tone-deaf and clumsy, the idea that others would see this as a reason to give the woman a gun totally blindsided them.

      Which is a big weakness that Watts shares with her patron; like him her ego’s so big she can’t allow mistakes to be her fault.

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