I didn’t think we were supposed to have royalty or titles of nobility in this country.  Why do some apparently think this would be a fine tradition to start?  If I were the GOP, I’d run someone who’s fiscally restrained, but otherwise socially liberal enough to possibly win in Massachusetts.  Kind of like Mitt Romney, only with a soul.  Maybe there’s enough discontent even in Massachusetts to elect a fiscal hawk who doesn’t offend their socially liberal sensibilities.  But perhaps I’m being a bit optimistic.  Any Republican has a big uphill battle in the Bay State, but the state at least has some tradition of electing Republican governors.

6 thoughts on “Dynasty”

  1. How about an “american idolatry” TV show to pick a successor instead? Surely both those folks have enough ____ to “win”

  2. If I were the GOP, I’d run someone who’s fiscally restrained, but otherwise socially liberal enough to possibly win in Massachusetts.


    If Republican Party resurgence is the object, that wouldn’t be a bad formula for the whole country, the protests of their social conservative factions notwithstanding. Taking only our own issue (gun rights) as an example, I have never understood why to support those, and fiscal conservatism, I am expected (and often required) to also support immigrant-bashing, homophobia, theocracy at the state, local, and national level, the cancellation of most civil liberties (only for the right people, of course) and the creation of new bureaucracies to hunt down and imprison abortionists, in a new “war” analogous to our worn-thin “drug wars.”

    Of course I also wonder why, when I hold my nose and support candidates who support that social conservative laundry list, they deliver little or nothing consistent with their campaign season support for my gun rights.

  3. The object is Republican Party resurgence only because I don’t like the Democrats having this much power. I would not mind the GOP taking control of Congress back, but I would not expect much out of it.

  4. I live in the Communist Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The DemoRATS are now stating that they want to give spineless wonder, Patrick the power to appoint someone to finish out Fat Teddy’s term. These scumbags took the power away from Mitt and now want to give it back to Patrick. No matter how my family, friends and I vote, these DemoRATS continue to stay in office. It boggles the mind that so many in this state keep voting all these people back in again and again.

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