Florida Range Fights Shows Insanity of Anti-Gunners

From the “just so you know what they think about you” department, Florida CSGV is busy trying to fight a gun range even the local residents seem to want:

The Stonehedge residents’ reactions Wednesday were in stark contrast to opinions expressed during a meeting the night before, when a handful of Tarpon residents argued with several range supporters and said the facility might spark violence or destroy the city’s quaint character.

Because people who go target shooting are just a hair’s breath away from sparking violence, eh? Meanwhile, other residents are happy that the range will likely draw more law enforcement presence to the area because the range will do LEO training onsite.

8 thoughts on “Florida Range Fights Shows Insanity of Anti-Gunners”

  1. The “quaint character” of Tarpon Springs is at the sponge docks several miles from this proposed range, which is on US 19, a six lane highway lined with strip malls, mobile home parks, and many defunct businesses. I live in the area and I plan to attend the city council meeting.

  2. I can see why the trailer park wants the range. Being next to boarded up businesses like the HOJO’s is not good for the neighborhood or crime rates. It is much better to have a business where large number of law-abiding people and police frequent.

    I’d rather have an indoor range that operates until 9 pm than a 24-hour restaurant or a motel next to me, even if I slept during the day.

  3. Let them blow their wad on a gun range in Florida. The more they blow there, the less they blow elsewhere.

  4. Fortunately leaders of the anti-gun movement always at some point reveal their true extremism, despite their best efforts to deceive the public. It’s partly why we’re winning.

  5. What don’t the fanatical gun retards understand about “A well REGULATED MILITIA”?

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