Correction: Constitutional Carry in Maine

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I got sidetracked in yesterday’s post, since one of the Bangor papers headlines their articles with today’s date, making me think I was reading something current. In truth, Maine’s legislature addressed the Governor’s concerns, and Governor LePage is signing the revised bill today. Maine will become the 6th state to adopt Constitutional Carry. Congratulations Maine!

And the ball keeps rolling.

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  1. Well, the governor’s objection on the grounds of not enough freedom got the leg. to go even looser? We are winning.

  2. Pretty good to get 2 states signed, out of 3 or 4 passed, out of how many Con Carry bills (seriously) considered in the various state houses this year.

    Just like shall-issue, consistent singles and doubles add up to a lot of scores over time.

    1. It’s also worthy of note the political affiliations of the governors who have vetoed Constitutional Carry bills this year:

      New Hampshire, Democrat (majority Republican Legislature)
      West Virginia, Democrat (majority Republican Legislature)
      South Dakota, Republican (huge majority Republican Legislature)

      Signed into law:
      Kansas, Republican (very strong majority Republican Legislature)
      Maine, Republican (Democrat majority House, Republican Majority Senate, both by roughly equally close margins)

      Of these, Maine is the only state where the relevant bill had to be passed by a democrat-majority legislative body, and South Dakota is the only state to have a Republican executive fail to sign.

      1. Any chance of veto override in New Hampshire, West Virginia or South Dakota?

        1. I don’t know.

          Given the time that has passed since the bills in WV and SD were vetoed, I believe an override in either state is highly unlikely.

          As far as NH goes, I doubt we’ll see an override there either.

          Given the role the veto plays in our system of government, veto overrides are not done particularly often. The veto is one way that the executive branch can act as a check and/or balance on the actions of the legislature; Overriding a veto is therefore viewed by some to not only be a political slight to the executive, but as fundamental disregard for the separation of powers.

  3. All signed and passed as of 2pm.. check out NRA ILA maine news… Big doins in the pine tree state.. the law goes into effect 90 days after the legislature adjourns.. they say that would make it law about mid october… WE WIN!.. taste it demanding mommies!

    1. Well, those Moms were Demanding Action. What better way to satisfy their demands, than to Act on Passing Constitutional Carry? ;.)

    1. This.

      Just as the shall-issue movement shifted the Overton Window from “right denied” to “may-issue,” widespread adoption of Constitutional Carry is likley to shift it from “may-issue” to “shall-issue.”

      Thus, our best bet for improving the recognition of carry rights in the dark states (e.g. MD, NY, NJ, CA, MA, etc.) is to make full recognition of constitutional carry rights the standard in unanimous standard among the free states.

    1. Since the stated rationale was that open carry without permit was already legal, so they didn’t want to make people get a license to wear a jacket…

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