I Can’t Wait to Mail Letters Using My Charlton Heston Stamps

The pre-order page is now posted for the Charlton Heston stamp from the Post Office. It says that pre-orders will be available April 9, and the launch is set for April 11. You know I’m so going to get some when they come out. In fact, I think I’ll find excuses to mail some letters this summer just to have an excuse to use them.

If the Post Office is interested in making some money off of these, they should ask if NRA would put up promotional posters at the NRA convention in Indy and note that the post office downtown is only a 15 minute walk from the convention center. They might try to claim that it’s only honoring his Hollywood work, but they really need to look at the fact that they need to make money. This event happens to provide a very targeted audience – regardless of the motivation to buy.

20 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait to Mail Letters Using My Charlton Heston Stamps”

  1. I almost wish I could time it to wait and send in the items I have going out in today’s mail with this stamp. Unfortunately, I need to order my DAR badge before a May meeting and the NRA ballot deadline won’t wait!

  2. And 15 minutes is at a generous saunter. It’s about a qauter mile walk.

    Heck the block the convention center’s on is kitty-corner to the post office! (Okay, it *is* a big block)

    1. Oh, wow. I guess Google missed that location. I just went to the Indy map, centered it on the convention center, and then typed in post office to see what popped up. If there’s one closer, then they would be stupid not to stock that location up with tons of them!

      1. Yeah, it’s a giant (regional?) distribution center with two levels of loading docks for big rigs.

        But it’s got a full on post office on the north side, next to the Colts stadium.

        Given the downtown parking options a fair fraction of the atendees would walk past the post office. (They certianly do for the other cons Indy hosts)

  3. I want to start a campaign to send postcards with the Charlton Heston stamp to every gun control group in the US.

  4. As long as you have money in your account or wallet, the USPS can ignore “the fact that they need to make money.”

    I used to use the Reagan stamp, despite his 2A stance, for his general approach to government. The Heston stamp will immediately become my new EDC stamp.

  5. I can’t wait either.

    I also expect that if Josh Sugarman were to use the Heston stamp he would get a lot of late charges on his bills, and possibly his organization would close for the last time because his mail would lack postage– The stamps would fall off because he would be spitting on the wrong side.
    That would be an excellent result, wouldn’t it?

  6. I guess they didn’t have space on the stamp to include Heston’s “I told you. . .an AK-47 is not appropriate for civilian ownership” quote. They surely would have used it, don’t you think?

    1. Considering they didn’t select the stamp for anything to do with his gun positions, I don’t think they really gave a damn about fitting any gun-related statements on the stamp.

      1. My apologies. I got Heston’s “AK-47” quote slightly wrong.

        It should have been,

        “AK-47’s are inappropriate for private ownership, of course.” . . . “I just got through telling you. The possession… private possession… of AK-47’s is entirely inappropriate.”. . .”Well, for any certain time, AK-47’s are entirely inappropriate for private ownership…”

        1. Which, I’m sure, the USPS still doesn’t care about since he being honored as part of their Hollywood series.

          I see what you’re trying to do, but I’ll point out that it comes off as fighting decades old battles with dead people rather than looking at where the movement is now. The fact is that as a younger (and young is a stretch for me these days) activist, these battles are long settled and not a real issue. Instead, Heston is recognized as someone who helped draw attention to gun rights and attracting enough membership to NRA that they could turn the tide and see to it that the federal gun ban did expire and move the issue forward a bit from the beating of the early 90s. He may not have been pure enough for you, but he brought more people into the issue who got themselves educated and are standing up against such bans now.

          1. I’m just intrigued by the dynamic such that, if Clinton or Obama or maybe even GWB had said that, we would still (rightly) be screeching about it and reminding each other not to forget it; but if someone in the proper, anointed position said it, then there is no end of mitigating circumstances justifying our making a trip to the post office so we can send out tiny icons of him.

            This is one phenomenon I don’t think Orwell had a name for, but he should have.

            1. An interesting quote from Heston. Regardless, he’s still worth celebrating on some level. Especially since the left-wing media and anti-gun zealots chose to demonize him during the last years of his life. They hate the man and his legacy.

  7. Guess I will need to get return of address labels with the text, “From my cold dead hands” printed on them.

  8. My pre-order is in. 5 sheets totaling 100 beautiful CH stamps will be coming my way. They will go nicely with my NRA checks and NRA address return labels.

    I remember year ago, the first Elvis stamps, I sent out 15 letters and had them all come back as “Return to Sender”! Accidentally, of course.

  9. I created an account at USPS, and was going to order a sheet of Heston, a sheet of Reagan, and a sheet of Hendrix.

    I canceled the order when I noticed that they were going to charge me for shipping. Really?

    Charge me for bringing a 2 (?) oz package to my house that enables me to use their wasteful gov’t entity when they already bring unrequested garbage to my door 6 days a week? Really?

    F ’em!

    1. Now that right there is funny!! Gas is $4.20 a gallon here, so a trip to the Post Office is expensive. I paid the $1.20 for shipping. They are forever stamps.

      1. Heh. Well I average about 300 miles per year, so fuel expense really isn’t an issue for me. I also still have two or three sheets of Liberty stamps from when they first came out. (43 cents?) I just figured I’d be a good citizen and get some pretty cool stamps at the same time.

        I do, however, call “FOUL” when I have to pay postage to buy postage! Trust me, they’ll come begging at my door soon enough. (nah, actually they won’t)

        1. Just for the record, I am jealous of only 300 miles a year.
          I hear you. I did chuckle when they wanted more in postage than needed. 5 sheets of stamps should be less than an ounce right? I also have stamps I got many years ago. (Ham radio operator, and I like to offer more than just the normal on my QSL card.)
          I understand your position completely, and was not making fun in any way! Me, I am all about convenience. If it can shipped to me and save me getting my lazy butt up off the couch, I will entertain a reasonable fee.

  10. I’m looking forward to using the Charlton Heston stamp too. He was terrific in “Touch of Evil” and “Planet of the Apes,” and a crusader for civil rights – he accompanied Martin Luther King in the 1963 Washington, D.C. march.

    But I’ve still got a bunch of Medal of Honor stamps to use first.

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