New Jersey Senate Update

The Senate was supposed to go into session two hours ago, but have not yet.  This could be a good sign on the gun rationing bill, as it might mean Corzine and Cody are having difficulty coming up with the votes they need.  Keep the pressure on, because we could still get screwed.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Senate just went into session.

UPDATE: Novelty lighters which were clearly a threat to New Jersey citizens are now banned in the Garden State by a vote of 37-1. It is just one of many fascinating things you can learn by watching the NJ Senate video feed.

UPDATE: I’m not ready to celebrate yet, but the Senate has gone into recess until after dinner. Supposedly, they will only be voting on budget matters, nominations, and bills currently coming over from the Assembly tonight. We’ll try to keep an eye on it later or see if there’s chatter out of Trenton that gives us a reason to be happy for today.

UPDATE: According to Sen. Dick Codey, George Bush is responsible for the overspending of the NJ Legislature this year. At least it’s keeping them from voting to ration guns.

It’s also amazing that the Democrats, via Sen. Barbara Buono, are making an issue of the horrors of a Republican proposal to cut down on prison inmate wages. She argued they absolutely could not be cut, even in difficult times when the money isn’t there. A Republican with a pulse should be able to defeat her on that bizarre speech alone.

UPDATE: The Republican Senators are getting up and making impassioned stands against this bill, but my fear is that it will pass. I don’t think it would be up if it wasn’t already a done deal.

UPDATE: Some Democratic Senators, namely Ronald Rice of Newark, don’t seem to have ever heard of Heller, and are still saying the Second Amendment is a collective right about the National Guard.

UPDATE: It’s 12:12AM, and I’m listening to the New Jersey Senate, so you don’t have to.  It’ll be great if we prevail this evening.  But I am not optimistic.  Republicans wouldn’t be piling on like this against the bill if they didn’t know it was going to pass.

UPDATE: Senator M. Teresa Ruiz — vote her out!  She does not honor her oath to uphold the Constitution.  Senator John A. Girgenti can go join her in private life.  “The right to bear arms is subject to restrictions.”  “You need more than 12 guns a year to protect yourself?  I don’t even understand that.”

UPDATE: Senator Loretta Weinberg says “You will have a right to bear 12 guns as arms. […] more than enough to compile a complete arsenal.   This bill merely limits the proliferation of guns in the state of New Jersey.”

UPDATE: I would just like to note that Richard Codey is a grade A, USDA pure asshole.  He lives up to his name.

UPDATE: Senator Cunningam “Justice Scalia was clear that this kind of legislation was constitutional.”  “Our streets are filled with illegal handguns.”   No Senator, your streets are filled with illegal criminals.  “Would we need bulletproof vests if we did not have handguns on the streets?”   Do you really think you can keep criminals from getting handguns, such that our police officers can walk around protecting themselves with rainbow farting unicorns?

UPDATE: 12:23AM.   Passed 21 yeah, and 15 nea.  New Jersey is now a one-gun-a-month state.  I will have more later, including which Senators betrayed the Second Amendment.  My message to New Jersey gun owners is don’t get mad… get even.  You will have that opportunity come November.  Vote the bastards out!

UPDATE: Watching the New Jersey Senate cannot be done without drinking.  It really does help.  A lot.  There’s not much that makes me proud to be Pennsylvanian, but watching what goes on in Trenton is one of those things.

UPDATE: Your battle cry is Fred “One-Gun-A-Month” Madden.  I will explain later.  This man needs to feel the pressure from gun owners.

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  1. Thanks for watching this farce, if I had I’d probably be buying a new TV today. NJ politicians never cease to amaze me.

  2. More and more I am regretting only having applied for one permit in December.

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