You’re Not Allowed to Have an Opinion

The women behind Moms Demand Action don’t believe that you’re allowed to have a voice at all. See, they are encouraged to lobby and engage in activism. But, if a pro-gun person does it, it’s classified as a case of bullying. There is no disagreement allowed in their world. Everyone must always agree, or they must be treated and punished as bullies for daring to express an alternative view.

4 thoughts on “You’re Not Allowed to Have an Opinion”

  1. This is actually the Staples closest to me. Just called, and they said they aren’t allowed to discuss the issue and gave me the number for Headquarters. (Which is the. 1-800 number at the link ). I’ll call that tomorrow, but I’m also going to stop by and speak to them in person.

  2. Maybe we should organize a protest at MDA’s corporate HQ in Zionsville, IN ?

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