Obama Issues Executive Order over Ukraine

See here. The language essentially freezes all assets of certain Russian persons that are held within the jurisdiction of the United States, including persons “to operate in the arms or related materiel sector in the Russian Federation.” It also prevents them from entering the country. I’m not certain whether this would affect firearm and ammunition imports, but my reading of it suggests that it does. I am not familiar enough with the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to know for sure. It would seem that ammunition within the country already is fine, because it’s your property, or the property of the ammo dealer. Whether Wolf, which is a domestic corporation, is affected, I do not know. It would seem it would depend on whether any Russian Oligarchs own it. But either way, my reading of this suggests that it would be unlawful for anyone to purchase ammunition from Tula, which Wolf needs to do to stay in business.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Politico suggests that no, it only targets personal assets.

American officials stressed Monday morning that they were going after only the private finances of the people targeted, and not their business interests, with the hope that this strategy — done in coordination with travel restrictions and parallel moves by European Union member countries — will increase pressure on Putin.

Though, the EO reads differently.

7 thoughts on “Obama Issues Executive Order over Ukraine”

  1. Ah, the heady excitement of “rule of man” instead of the dry, boring consistency of “rule of law.”

  2. It would be a pretty colossal failure if the NBA had to cancel games because the Brooklyn Nets – owned by Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov – were caught up in this.

    1. I am pretty sure that’s going to happen. Since Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov is a powerful man I bet.

      1. Who knows. But he’s incredibly rich – #39 on Forbes list – and one of the rich and powerful modern russian oligarchs (depending on the day, and the list, he’s either one of the the top 3, the top 5 or the top 10 richest Russians) controlling significant portions of russias mining, energy, and banking industries. He owns 80% of the New York Nets.

        You don’t get to that position – in Russia – if you don’t have Putin’s blessing. And these are the guys, as I read it, that the sanctions are supposed to target. So, since he owns 80% of the NY Nets outright, they certainly seem to be an asset ripe for freezing.

  3. What worries me is the “Declaration of National Emergency” order, it along with previous orders, unless challenged, which they so far have not been, gives him authority to declare marshal law, take control of virtually every business in the country, every resource, postpone elections, and I don’t put it past this guy to actually do it either!

  4. I don’t see that this makes any difference in the case of martial law. Is it a step towards? Perhaps, but there’s no legal restriction against that this administration won’t disregard. He’ll do what he’ll do regardless of precedent, that much is clear.

    My first impression is that this isn’t even aimed at Russia and Putin. This stinks of ‘Never let a Crisis go to Waste’, and I darkly suspect that it’s being used as a convenient lever against some unconnected sod that the admin has a vendetta against. Kind of like ‘Lets sell guns to drug cartels so we can make them illegal for Americans because ZOMG DRUG CARTELS HAVE WEAPONS!’

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