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It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to blog, but a lot has built up in the tabs. I may have a few separate posts in those tabs somewhere, but sometime I just link everything out in the news dump and see what items I have more to say about than I thought. They become separate posts. So here we go:

The magazine limit reduction in NJ has cleared its first hurdle. I guess lawmakers don’t have any problem saying no to a little girl.

Another mass knife murder in China. Six dead. Clearly the last one inspired a copycat incident.

Bob Owens notes that three people were arrested for violating a local ordinance on Open Carry in Missouri. Missouri’s preemption statute is pretty iron clad, so the arrest was completely illegal. Actually, it seems like OC is one exception to MO preemption. Wow. That does need to be fixed.

The NRA notes that the gun control supporters are bound to take advantage of the inflation of causes of death by the UN, which are generally adopted by the CDC.

Also from NRA, they have filed an amicus brief in the NSA spying case.

Why smart guns are a dumb idea.

Governor Malloy in CT: Your side lost. Arrogant prick.

Cuomo scared to call special elections?

Celebrating 15 years of making gun control supporters wet their pants.

What can metadata reveal about you? Personally, I’m not as concerned if people can find out I’m a gun owner. It’s not really that hard. Just ask the mailman. The concern is if they have a record of what I own.

Jeff also notes that the Wall Street Journal did a hit piece on the gun industry. Of course, what they don’t point out is that unlike cigarettes, the discipline instilled by the shooting sports are good for kids.

Who really designed the AK-47? To be fair, both sides used German scientists and engineers for cold war projects, including our space programs.

Doctors can advise me about guns when they learn to keep their booger hooks off the bang switch.

Tam: “I’m not making a statement; I just want a sammich” I think it’s the same thing that makes people carry AR-15s in to Starbucks.

Prince Law has more on the Sunnyvale case. That Kennedy didn’t enjoin Sunnyvale is not surprising. My understanding is those kinds of injunctions are very rarely issues. What was surprising is that he asked for a response.

The Daily Caller on the Connecticut situation. I hope they aren’t foolish enough to go door to door. They have the ability if they decide to compile the list.

Town in NY tries to shut down anti-SAFE Act sign.

Good write up on MAIG. Glenn Reynolds notes, “To be fair, not all of them are felons, as far as we know.”

2 thoughts on “Monday News Links”

  1. In your linked story about three people were arrested for violating a local ordinance on Open Carry in Missouri.

    You state:
    “Missouri’s preemption statute is pretty iron clad, so the arrest was completely illegal.”

    But your link to 21.750 shows that the arrest was probably legal.

    While open carry is generally legal in Missouri, their preemption statute is unique in that it preempts the entire field of firearms law except for the regulation of open carry. Consequently, carrying openly in Missouri will expose you to a checkerboard of local ordinances.

    3. Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit any ordinance of any political subdivision which conforms exactly with any of the provisions of sections 571.010 to 571.070, with appropriate penalty provisions, or which regulates the open carrying of firearms readily capable of lethal use or the discharge of firearms within a jurisdiction, provided such ordinance complies with the provisions of section 252.243.

    Also depends on the legal definition to “readily capable of lethal use”… does that mean open carry but unloaded, or open carry w/o a round in the chamber, or safety on in a retention holster?

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