NRA May Have Succeeded at Scuttling Murthy Nomination

The Senate is balking on Vivek Murthy, reports the New York Times, and also The Hill. The NY Times notes:

“We are recalibrating our strategy around his floor vote,” said one senior White House official, who added that a range of options was being discussed. They included working with Democratic leaders to gain more support, delaying a vote until after the midterm elections, or allowing Dr. Murthy to withdraw.

They’re screwed no matter how they want to spin this. They’ve been put in a tough spot. I was kind of skeptical Surgeon General, an office I don’t think anyone pays attention to, was worth a fight over, but this seems to have worked out well so far.

6 thoughts on “NRA May Have Succeeded at Scuttling Murthy Nomination”

  1. But what’s the budget of the office? Look at what the office did to the tobacco industry. Today, it’s even easier to label anything and everything a public health issue.

  2. Surgeon General is a great bully pulpit when it comes to the health care industry. He would be in a strong position to continue the pernicious “disease model” of gun violence, which could weigh against us in the battle for winning over neutrals/low information voters.

  3. Are you kidding? The low/info types would LUV to have the SURGEON GENERAL proclaim the dangerousness of iccky gunz. PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY! Register all your gunz so we can know when you sell them. Oh and plz pay a TAX so we can fund the agency that will make us all safe. See, Kanada tried this and found it to be totally useless. It only cost them about $20 billion. IOW it would be about as useful as obamacare.

  4. Surgeon General may only be small potatoes, but it makes me feel good that the NRA threw a monkey wrench in his nomination because in the end you know it will stick in the President’s craw.

  5. This comment is off topic a bit, but out in California, the ATF has recently raided at least two small businesses (Ares Armor and EP Armory) that sell 80% AR lowers. They are trying to get at least one of these businesses to turn over the names of all the customers who bought the polymer, jig-less 80% lowers. The ATF probably wants all of the customer names no matter what they bought.

    The Obama regime’s war on the 2A is still raging on and on.

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