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The news cycle is a double edged sword. Gun control isn’t getting much play in the media, which is good for us, but kind of makes things difficult if you’re a blogger. Though, it’s always good to see the PSH in the news because of something we’re doing, and we do have some of that:

Indiana is considering a bill to allow people to keep firearms locked up in their vehicles while on school grounds. Needless to say, Indiana resident Shannon Watts isn’t happy. We’re happy to be doing things to keep her attention focused on Indiana.

We defeated them in Oregon, at least for this year.

Rep. Randy Dunn of Kansas City thinks Missourians should have to run away from an attacker before resorting to deadly force.

More debate on the 1911. I’m with Uncle on the M1911. I can shoot an M1911 more accurately than most other pistols. I even do better with Para’s LDA trigger than with a Glock. But I’d still never carry a 1911.

Only Guns and Money is joining a podcast. I agree with him that blogs aren’t dead, but I think it is becoming increasingly difficult for hobby blogs to compete for limited audiences with commercial players who are doing it for a livelihood. You won’t see an SNBQ podcast. I have a voice meant for writing.

For someone who is a PR professional, I often don’t get Shannon Watts. She decided to make a story out of something that wasn’t a story. CSGV particularly has been going into the realm of lunacy as of late. They’d be in the category of “help I don’t want,” if I was a sensible person on their side of the issue. But I question whether Watts is actually sensible.

Cuomo is prepping an anti-gun ad campaign.

Campus Carry in Idaho is on the Governor’s desk. Now he has to be convinced to sign.

Glenn Reynolds writes about the militia. The closest thing we have to such a thing today, in terms of how they were structured, are volunteer fire departments. I kind of wonder if SWAT teams were volunteers whether they’d feel quite as good about kicking down grandma’s door because she was growing some pot as the people getting paid for it.

Glenn Reynolds responds to Eugene Volokh’s article about magazine capacity: “Personally, I think civilians and police should be able to carry the same kinds of weapons. That’s a useful check on the militarization of the police.” I couldn’t agree more.

Russian ammo rumors are bogus. Though I do hold out the possibility we could lose Russian ammo supplies under economic sanctions. I’m not sure the fear is bogus, even if it’s business as usual for now.

Yeah, I’m kind of with Bob Owens on the idea of using George Zimmerman as a celebrity. The worst he may be guilty of is poor judgement when it comes to women, but it’s just not the kind of celebrity I’d want as a face of the issue. Sometimes gun show promoters are our own worst enemies.

Yes, there are really people who believe this: The crooks only have guns because their victims do.

Caleb has a pretty good article about “Where have all the great gun writers gone.”

Some cops are living up to their oath in Connecticut. We need to encourage this. I actually think we need a foundation in this country that offers to help cops who were fired from their jobs for refusing to obey unconstitutional orders, or kick in doors that don’t really need to be kicked in, and help them move to departments that are more amiable to their principles.

Off topic:

Tam pretty much channels how I feel about the Ukraine/Russian situation. I think the Obama Administration was stupid for considering Russia no threat, but making overtures about putting NATO on Russia’s borders was bound to provoke the bear, and if you’re not prepared to shoot the bear, you shouldn’t provoke him. It just makes you look weak when he charges and you’re not really prepared.

This guy is my kind of Aussie: “I said to myself, if I’m going to cark it I’m going to have a beer, so I got a Goldie out of the fridge and drank that; ’cause you know eastern browns are the second most venomous snake in the world,” Keep calm and have a Goldie.

It’s amazing no one was killed in this plane crash.


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  1. TTAG trolling Shannon Watts is actually kinda funny. But they’re still a bunch of tools. And Watts and CSGV turning it into a #WarOnWomen is retarded. I’m so sick of that refrain.

    1. My dislike of Big Nose Shannon from Monsanto has nothing to do with her plumbing. It has everything to do with her being an intolerant bigot.

  2. http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/get_bill.asp?bill=SB%20176&session=28

    The Alaska Legislature is trying again for Campus Carry. Currently would apply Alaska Carry to the University but getting all sorts of push-back.

    Looks like it will likely be modified to be “concealed carry on a permit”-only to assuage the knicker-twisters about 16 year olds with rifles on the lawns and 18 year olds OC-ing in class.

    By mirroring the existing campus carry laws Outside, and requiring our permit with its background check and training requirement, it will hopefully disarm the University’s objections and force them to compromise as well. Right now they are trying to scuttle it with the trump card of a half-million dollar “fiscal note” to figure out what buildings, after 20 years of legal carry in Alaska, with only a toothless policy “protecting” the campus, will now need metal-detectors and such.

  3. I need to correct one item- I joined the Polite Society Podcast as a co-host. Credit for starting it must go to Paul Lathrop who started it as the Politics And Guns Podcast a few years ago.

    1. My bad. I have corrected your part of the post. I know that podcast your joining. I was a guest a few times when he was getting started.

    1. Too bad, I was hoping that this letter would be true. That unconstitutional law is likely to result in violence. And NY has a similar law with a deadline fast approaching.

  4. “But I’d still never carry a 1911.” That makes no sense. “Its better but I’d never carry it.” I carry a 1911. I’ve looked into carrying other guns. But I’m more accurate with it and I like the single stage trigger. And its reliable- like most 1911’s are. The unreliability of the 1911 is extremely overblown.

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