Quote of the Day: Rand Paul

Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way:

I want to like Rand Paul but he just makes me nervous. It’s hard to shake the feeling that if you just scratch the surface enough his dad’s craziness will be there.

Absent Paul, Bitter and I kind of like Scott Walker, but I have no idea whether he’d be a strong candidate for President. But I’m willing give either Paul or Walker real consideration. Most of the candidates I like never make it all the way to Pennsylvania anyway.

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  1. I’m a big Rand Paul fan and he is currently my #1 pick for 2016. I don’t necessarily agree with what Cruz was saying in the article you linked. My one hesitation is that during his life he has most definitely demonstrated he is a leader but what about a manager? You know that whole argument about gubernatorial positions being a school for the presidency thing…

  2. I love what Walker is doing fiscally over here in Wisconsin (oh and that whole finally giving us CCW when the previous governor kept vetoing it), but he will get crucified by the media over two big things.

    First, he dropped out of college, so his only credentials are a high school diploma. Given the left’s love of lawyers and sanctimonious “we know better than you because we’re smarter” attitude, I would think that they would try to paint him as the idiot republican. Can’t have the leader of the free world be a college dropout. I suppose a lot of American voters don’t have college diplomas, so I may be off on this one.

    Second, and much more problematic, he has been fighting allegations of campaign shenanigans and he was the subject of a huge John Doe investigation. Basically, he ran his campaign for Governor out of the Milwaukee County office he had, with people that were paid on the taxpayers’ dime. That’s a pretty basic no-no in politics. They installed a separate wi-fi system right in his wing so that they could skirt FOIA issues and operate outside of the County’s system. They weren’t able to pin anything on him, but it would leave a stain during a national run.

  3. I like Ted Cruz, although I can’t vote as I am not a citizen yet.

    He has Charisma and is very good on the 2nd ammendment.

  4. Most of the Republican field of Presidential hopefuls will just be a bunch of Bible humpers who will alienate many voters. The GOP needs to decouple itself from the religious right if they ever want back in the Whitehouse.

    1. Like his dad had any craziness. People call it that because they disagree, and they have no good arguments against it. Its nothing different than anti-gunners calling us crazy.

  5. I also really wanted to like Rand, but he’s just not “presidential”. He gets suckered into silly purse fights with the likes of Christ Christie and Rachel Maddow of all people. C’mon, if he can’t walk away from those two, how’s he going to handle someone like Putin. His purse fights with Maddow and Christie really destroyed all confidence I had in him for POTUS material. And a little respect. It was pathetic, weak.

    I like lots of his ideas, and I’d vote for him if he was the nominee, but I can’t see him winning. But I’d be thrilled to see more senators and congressmen who share his ideas.

    For Prez, I’m really liking Ted Cruz. Basically, anyone but Jeb, Christie, Perry, or any of the usual Establishment types. My litmus test used to be gun rights, but now I’ve added amnesty. If the nominee pushes amnesty (like so many in the GOP are tripping over themselves doing), I’ll vote Libertarian again or just stay home out of disgust.

    Basically unless the GOP gets their act together instead of trying to kill the new blood, it’s a Democrat in 2016. After that it won’t matter because the Supreme Court will be stacked with more moonbats. People sometimes say “This is the most important election EVAR”, but I think 2016 may actually be that election.

  6. I love Rand Paul, and if he runs I’ll vote for him with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

    That said, I wonder if maybe he isn’t right where he belongs, kicking ass in the Senate, instead of being a political punching bag.

  7. Rand is a good guy. I like Ron Paul and never understood the animosity that Sebastian has for the Paul family. We are broke. There is a place for diplomacy, and we can’t just send troops everywhere to kick ass and take names for the global cause of “human rights” like it was the 1990s all over again, not would I want to even if we had the money. It’s been said many times that Ron Paul has been the authentic standards bearer for mainstream libertarian-conservative fusionist thought in the American political system.

    These debates among constitutionalists about rights for this cause or that person will NEVER be settled absent a libertarian-minded presidency. There is general agreement regarding he fact that government is simply too large and unwieldy and directly threatens all of our rights.

    I mention all this to say that Rand is doing a good job where he is, and I wish the Paul philosophy would sink into more candidates. I think we need Cruz and Paul in the U.S. Senate.

    1. Yeah I never understood the animosity either. He’s as pro-gun as you can get. And he has a lot of other beliefs that would help the pro-gun world.

  8. I like Rand. I also like Cruz, Walker, West, and (gasp) Palin. And there will be others in the next 2 years?

    My biggest fear is that Rand will be tarred with Luap Nor if he runs for President. Maybe after his father passes away?

    Remember Republicans have to run against the Democrats and the Main Stream Media also. — Media bias is worth 15 points, Evan Thomas, Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek, 2004

  9. Rand Paul is NOT his father, although he shares basic philosophies. A core of individual liberty.

    However, UNLIKE Ron Paul, Rand understands that we have a border, and the rules we set government on how they have to treat people on (or from) THIS side of the border are not necessarily the same as the rules we allow them to play with people on the OTHER side of the border.

    1. I think Rand plays the political game, where as his dad doesn’t. Rand is willing to compromise, where as his dad wasn’t. That’s the two biggest differences. Rand is also more pro-war, but not too much so.

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