News Links: Got Nuthin’ Edition

It’s a slow news day folks. After a pretty good beginning of the week, the end of the week is looking, well, weak. I’m struggling here just to offer some news links:

Good show from a Chicago Police Officer who was off duty when he was robbed. Notice how he takes back the initiative from the robbers like a boss.

It’s looking possible to topple Malloy in CT, and even Hawaii is in play. Booting Malloy would be a great victory for gun owners. Tom Foley seems to be a bit tepid on the gun issue, but is making overtures at least toward the gun vote. Booting the person who screwed you still has value.

What other rights should be restrict with subjective standards?

Illinois IGOLD rally for 2014 was yesterday, and Thirdpower has pictures. Some drop off from previous years, but not nearly as much as I would have expected given that they got concealed carry this year. Stay hungry, Illinoisans, you still have a lot of improvements that need to be made.

Another boner of an article from Lt. Col. Robert Bateman. Ted Nugent sure is a good foil for the other side.

AR-15 giveaway stirs outrage in New York. Even the world’s ugliest AR-15 is too much for them. That should tell you something.

Apparently the Dems are doing all they can to defend their gun control policies in Colorado. I’d note that 6200 is way way way off the 40% these doofuses were floating around when they were hawking the bill. Either that number of bogus, or, like in Connecticut, there’s massive non-compliance. I suspect it’s a combination of both.

Venture Beat falls for the PR spin of the ridiculous gun control groups. But hey, if they fall for it, then it’s a win. They could probably just make all kinds of victories up and the media would buy it. Meanwhile, the Washington Times calls it like it really is. Robb has a peek at the new interface for Facebook.

Peace in our time.

A whole lot of truth being said here. Hopefully people can handle the truth.

Guns aren’t required for mass murder. Good thing no one had any guns or someone might have gotten hurt.

Clayton Cramer on Peruta.

I will NOT comply

Rally this Sunday in Montpelier, for those of you in Vermont.

Wayne LaPierre is giving his CPAC speech now. This is usually where the antis get their ad copy for the next few years.

Udall may be in trouble in Colorado.

18 Responses to “News Links: Got Nuthin’ Edition”

  1. Beatbox says:

    In other news, certain people in Illinois this week became able to protect themselves like that off-duty cop, including at least one Obama-loving Socialist.

  2. jkp says:

    LOL @ Clayton Cramer claiming the gun control law in California was enacted ‘over the objections of conservatives’ — and then in the next (virtual breath) mention that it was *signed* by Ronald Reagan.

    Be honest: the people who pushed that law did so on ‘racist’ grounds. And I’d really like to know which of the ‘conservatives’ stood up to defend the right of black people (ZOMG! BLack Panthers here to take our women!) to keep and *bear* arms.

    Don’t get me wrong, I prefer conservative candidates to what passes for the left nowadays, but let’s at least be honest about the plank in our own eye, eh?

    • Beatbox says:


    • Beatbox says:

      And it was the Mulford Act, named after Don Mulford, a Republican. And passed by voice vote. There were no “objections from conservatives”

    • Reagan was actually more libertarian than conservative at the time. He signed the 1969 abortion liberalization law, for example.

    • I dug around a bit. John Schmitz (one of the “far right” of the time, and even into the 1970s) was one of the opponents of the bill, because it was contrary to the Second Amendment.

  3. RP says:

    This Clayton Cramer quote makes me want to start drinking heavily:

    “I can say with some certainty that any future justices appointed by President Obama or his near-certain successor Hilary Clinton…”

  4. SPQR says:

    The 6200 number tossed out by Colorado CBI is a bogus number. It includes an unknown number of private transfers from internet sales that FFL’s entered as “private transfers” (sometimes they are entered as dealer sales) which were always subject to background check, and it includes gun show sales which were required to have BGC for some years in Colorado. Since similar numbers prior to the UBC bill becoming effective were in the 8,000 range, there is no direct evidence of any background checks being done in compliance with the bill in fact.

  5. Richard says:

    On the NRA website, there is a link to a story about the Orange County (CA) Sheriff getting a special appropriation of $1.5M to process CCW applications. So I guess she is serious about actually doing it.

  6. Matthew Carberry says:

    There’s someone I’m rather fond of ;) taking the University of Alaska Board of Regents and President to task about their objections to Alaska’s Campus Carry bill. When it passes we will be tied with Arizona for last place in the Brady rankings.

  7. Sigivald says:

    VentureBeat is laughable on every topic I’ve seen a VB report on that I knew anything about.

    (This is true of pretty much every “venture capital” or “extreme investment” style website.

    VB is trash. SeekingAlpha is worse than useless. ZeroHedge is bullshit.)